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Beginner Again — Pat Jaques

Special to Touratech USA from SheADV   Later this year I will turn 65! How cool is that! After 57 years riding motorcycles, some might think I’ve done it all. I’m grateful and pleased to continue to enjoy the hell out of riding my dirt, dual sport, and adventure bikes! The truth is, after a [...]

Here’s to the adv riding community!

By Eva Rupert -Special to Touratech from SheADV It’s that time again— the new year, another full spin around the sun is in the books. If you’re anything like me, you might be looking back and taking stock of the past year’s pursuits. For those of us who find our fun on knobby tires, perhaps [...]

Touratech GPS Immersion Series: Garmin Zumo XT2

This class is an in-depth, deep dive into the Zumo XT2. Get your GPS Unit out and get better at motorcycle travel today! The new Zumo XT2 Motorcycle Navigator from Garmin is a fantastic tool for the hardcore traveler or the weekend warrior. It's an updated and larger screened version of the popular Garmin Zumo [...]

Garmin Zumo XT vs Garmin Zumo XT2 – A Comparison

By Eric Archambault More than just a bigger screen… “The difference is just a bigger screen right” is normally the way a conversation comparing the Garmin Zumo XT2 to the Garmin Zumo XT starts. Standing at the sales counter wearing my Touratech-USA shirt shortly after the Garmin Zumo XT2 was released I didn’t have much [...]

The Zen of Moto

By Christine Kathryn Special to Touratech USA from SheADV There’s no lack of information out there about the benefits of mindfulness and living in the present moment and the practice of yoga and meditation has become one of the more popular ways to approach it. As a certified yoga teacher who took up adventure riding [...]

Riding Solo az-bc: episode 8

Episode 8 – Riding Solo AZ to BC: Motorcycle Camping in a Dust Storm on the Black Rock Desert Playa After waking up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California I head north to Nevada and camp on the Black Rock Desert during a windstorm. Touratech USA is once again proud to support rider and filmmaker, [...]

Touratech-USA East: A Look Within the New East Coast Shop

By Ron Lieback Touratech-USA has expanded to the east coast, providing riders east of the Mississippi an opportunity to interact with the products and expert staff personally.     Launched in 1990 by German world travelers Herbert Schwarz and Jochen Schanz, Touratech became the world’s first adventure-motorcycle-focused aftermarket accessories brands. The products, highlighted by Zega [...]

Top 5 Basic ADV Riding Techniques Worth Mastering

By Ron Lieback Riding an adventure bike is easy. Riding one well is another story. These riding tips are ones every ADV rider should have in their mental toolbox.   Any sport worth doing is worth doing well, and ADV riding is no different. Nobody ever picks up a baseball bat for the first time [...]

7 Sportbike Riding Techniques for Dual Sports; Ride Safer & Faster

By Ron Lieback Want to ride safer and faster during those street portions of your adventure rides? Check out these seven sportbike riding tips adapted for bigger ADV bikes.   Adventure bikes didn’t interest me until 2010. Until then, I spent most of my moto life riding sportbikes and training/testing on road-racing circuits. Due to [...]