Touratech GPS Immersion Series: Garmin Zumo XT2

This class is an in-depth, deep dive into the Zumo XT2. Get your GPS Unit out and get better at motorcycle travel today!

The new Zumo XT2 Motorcycle Navigator from Garmin is a fantastic tool for the hardcore traveler or the weekend warrior. It’s an updated and larger screened version of the popular Garmin Zumo XT Motorcycle Navigator.

GPS expert and rider of all things with two-wheels, Eric Archambault is Touratech’s “Go To Pro” when it comes to navigation training. 

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Eric Archambault is one of the original members of the Touratech-USA race team, with an impressive second place finish in the Adventure Bike class at the 2014 Stumpjumper abroad a KTM 950 Adventure. His love for two-wheeled racing spans many disciplines, from west coast desert racing to east coast hare scrambles, navigation rallies to minimoto racing. He now lives in New Hampshire where his riding is focused on running laps on the woods course in his backyard and racing vintage Vespas and obscure European minibike at local kart tracks.