Adventure Motorcycle Trips

touratech suspension: Upgrade Your Ride

Touratech Suspension is simply the most dramatic upgrade you can make to your adventure motorcycle. OEM suspension doesn't compare to the rugged and fully serviceable products from Touratech. Our shocks, springs and cartridges are designed by adventure riders for adventure riders and we custom spring our shocks for you while we continue to push the [...]

Q&A With Touratech Supported Rider, Jesse Szynal

By Ron Lieback In this interview, we discuss some of the best places Jesse Szynal has been to and his advice for Tourtech customers and fellow riders. We sat down with the president of Collected Threads, Jesse Szynal, a popular vlogger who’s made a name for himself backpacking across Europe and South America with just [...]

BDR PA Wilds Released: Four sections Of ADV Happiness

By Ron Lieback The BDR-X PA Wilds Loop Packs BDR fun into a more manageable loop, taking advantage of the excellent ADV terrain Pennsylvania offers.  As much as we’d like to explore everything the Backcountry Discovery Routes offer, the reality is that most of us don’t have the time to pound out the miles of [...]

Top 8 Mistakes of New ADV Riders—And How To Avoid Them

By Ron Lieback Most new adventure riders make the same mistakes—we surely did. Here are the top 8, and more importantly, how to avoid them.   Rookie mistakes help build character, right? We’ve all been there as new riders learning the ropes of this ADV journey, hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. [...]

Best ADV Routes to Touratech DirtDaze Rally in NH

By Ron Lieback Traveling to Touratech DirtDaze Rally in New Hampshire this August? Here are some great ADV routes to get you there.     The 2022 Touratech DirtDaze Rally is coming up fast—August 16-21 in North Haverhill, New Hampshire. Are you ready? Riders on the east coast get neglected for larger ADV rallies, so [...]

Dork in the Road: Touratech Rally West 2022 – Part 2

The second half of the 2022 Touratech Rally was somehow even more awesome than the first two days. We got up first thing in the morning and headed out, me on my Yamaha Tenere 700 and Travis on his Honda Africa Twin. Our first stop was the Tyee Mountain Lookout, which is not easy to [...]

touratech rally west was awesome!

Last month in Plain, WA Touratech-USA hosted the largest adventure motorcycle rally in the USA. Touratech Rally West was our first time back to full speed since 2019 and the attendees were ready for a weekend of fun, sun and friends.     We were joined onsite by KTM, Harley-Davidson, Triumph, Ducati and Yamaha offering [...]

Touratech-USA East: A Look Within the New East Coast Shop

By Ron Lieback Touratech-USA has expanded to the east coast, providing riders east of the Mississippi an opportunity to interact with the products and expert staff personally.     Launched in 1990 by German world travelers Herbert Schwarz and Jochen Schanz, Touratech became the world’s first adventure-motorcycle-focused aftermarket accessories brands. The products, highlighted by Zega [...]

Top 5 Basic ADV Riding Techniques Worth Mastering

By Ron Lieback Riding an adventure bike is easy. Riding one well is another story. These riding tips are ones every ADV rider should have in their mental toolbox.   Any sport worth doing is worth doing well, and ADV riding is no different. Nobody ever picks up a baseball bat for the first time [...]

ADV Riding Gear Guide: Qualities to Seek and Tips

By Ron Lieback ADV riding gear demands much besides protection, including comfort while standing or sitting. Here’s your guide to ADV riding gear and tips from a seasoned rider.   When adventure touring becomes your lifestyle, so does the pursuit of the ultimate gear. Not just any type, but ADV riding gear that caters to [...]