The Aventuro Carbon Pro is Better

The Aventuro Carbon PRO helmet sets a new standard for protection, comfort, and cooling airflow for adventure riders looking for a lightweight and airy travel companion. This is the 3rd generation of the legendary Aventuro Carbon helmet which has become a top choice thanks to the lightweight carbon fiber construction, and aerodynamic design that improves [...]

First Look: Touratech Equipped BMW R1300GS

The BMW R1300GS has a more powerful motor and upgraded electronics, all in a package that weighs 26 pounds less than its predecessor, making this legendary adventure bike even better. By using a shorter stroke, bigger bore and increased liquid cooling, the engineers at BMW added power right where you want it. Touratech USA is [...]

Touratech EVO Suspension vs. BMW Stock Suspension

We sent our team into the field to test EVO Suspension. We're really excited about this amazing step up in suspension technology and nothing illustrates the upgrade like switching from stock suspension to Touratech EVO. Touratech Suspension Plug & Travel EVO shocks for the BMW R1200GS, GSA and R1250GS, GSA are the next generation of [...]

The Motorcycle Suspension Glossary

Riders hear a lot about suspension in discussions about motorcycle performance. We all know what shocks and forks are, but motorcycle suspension has a language of it's own, so we asked our staff and some of the experts in the field we work with to put together this directory of motorcycle suspension terms. Hopefully, it'll help you when [...]

Garmin Zumo XT vs Garmin Zumo XT2 – A Comparison

By Eric Archambault More than just a bigger screen… “The difference is just a bigger screen right” is normally the way a conversation comparing the Garmin Zumo XT2 to the Garmin Zumo XT starts. Standing at the sales counter wearing my Touratech-USA shirt shortly after the Garmin Zumo XT2 was released I didn’t have much [...]

riding solo az to bc: episode 18

Episode 18 - After digging himself out of a sandy situation , Sterling rides some enjoyable pavement across northern Vancouver Island to Port Hardy and spends the night at a beautiful campground before his ferry ride to Bella Coola. Touratech USA is once again proud to support rider and filmmaker, Sterling Noren as he embarks [...]

A Better Riding Suit from Touratech and Rev’it!

There are three things a riding suit needs to do well for adventure riding: Keep you protected from impacts, keep you dry in bad weather, and provide cooling air-flow when the weather gets warm or the riding gets challenging. The Companero Rambler is best-in-class in all three areas. It also has an incredible array of [...]

riding solo az – bc: episode 16

Episode 16 – Riding Solo AZ to BC: It's the middle of summer and Vancouver Island is full of tourists but Sterling makes his escape from the crowds by heading out on the dusty logging roads to Holberg, BC and the most remote pub on Vancouver Island. Touratech USA is once again proud to support [...]

Riding Solo Az-BC: Episode 15

Episode 15 – Riding Solo AZ to BC: After a mosquito infested night of camping Sterling sets off exploring the North Island 1000 - a 1,000 km back roads loop through northern Vancouver Island. Touratech USA is once again proud to support rider and filmmaker, Sterling Noren as he embarks on another epic solo journey [...]