Here’s to the adv riding community!

By Eva Rupert –Special to Touratech from SheADV

It’s that time again— the new year, another full spin around the sun is in the books. If you’re anything like me, you might be looking back and taking stock of the past year’s pursuits. For those of us who find our fun on knobby tires, perhaps you’re thinking about all the road trips, dusty rides, nights under the stars, and that time you ate it in the stream crossing and had wet boots for the rest of the week… oh, was that just me?

Riding is often a solitary pursuit and, as motorcyclists, I think we like it that way— you get to be the hero of your own adventure story, just you and your bike with endless miles of gravel spilling out before you. But the equilibrium between solitude and camaraderie is undeniable in motorcycling. So, in the spirit of this reflective season, this one goes out to our awesome ADV community.

We all have a story about how we started riding and why we keep at it. Curiosity, a taste for adventure, practical reasons, whatever the case may be, motorcycling is the common thread that ties us all together. Riding is what gets us up early on the weekend, guides our vacation plans, nudges us to take the long way to the hardware store. But there is so much more to this sport than the dirt under your tires and the empty horizon before you. When you shed the riding gear and hang up the helmets, underneath are some incredible people.





While motorcycles anchor us, it’s the connections and the collective spirit that defines our community. After covering nearly 12,000 miles on two wheels this year (that’s four rear tires with a little tread left to spare, if you’re counting), with fuel stops in ten western states, countless campsites, and a wealth of great memories, the truly shining moments for me are the shared ones.

Swapping stories around the fire, BDR adventures with friends, grabbing a bed and shower at another rider’s house, tackling a flat tire— together. Whether you realize it or not, each of us inadvertently contributes to this vibrant community— be it showing up at a rally, stopping by the dualsport meetup for a beer, or posting a glossy picture of your GS on that mountain pass.

Sometimes it’s the small gestures (tossing a tank bag granola bar to your riding buddy) and casual interactions (throwing a biker-wave while standing on the pegs) that weave the fabric of an incredible community. Other times, building community is an intentional act, like the work we’ve been doing with SheADV this year.






Originally started in 2016 by Touratech, SheADV has been kept afloat by Shal Wilson ever since. Speaking of shining moments, 2023 marked a significant chapter for this organization dedicated to empowering women on two wheels. We cranked up the energy this year, hosting and attending events and providing more all-women’s rider training than ever before. We achieved some of our aspirations and missed the mark on others. But, if adventure riding teaches you anything, it’s resilience and we’re going strong— fueled by the excitement of what the new year holds.

So, again in the spirit of the season, here’s to the ladies— whether we’re counterbalancing around cones in class or spitting dust on a day ride, there’s something super-special about sharing motorcycles with other women. Needless to say, we’re stoked to see more of you out there.






And to all the men out there, I would never leave you out of the accolades— you’re fantastic as well. In all my years of being a girl who likes doing dude-things, I’ve yet to come across a finer group of guys than those who ride adventure bikes. Sure, a shared interest in riding brought us together, but the longer I’ve been immersed in this world, the more evident it becomes— beyond the bikes, it’s the remarkable individuals that define ADV motorcycling and the camaraderie we share is truly something special.

So when you’re sitting around this winter, checking your battery tender, itching for spring, and feeling all contemplative, give yourself a little pat on the back for the times that you gave a wave to another rider, pulled your tire kit out on the trail to help a stranger, and hung out around the rally campfire swapping stories.



CABDRN DAY 6-1-110

As the new year rolls in, here’s to all the trails that await us in 2024, to being the lone rider and part of this awesome ADV community, alike. Cheers to getting after it, finding the next adventure, coming home dustier, happier, and wiser than before… hopefully with dry boots. Wishing you all an awesome year ahead!

P.S. — If you’re looking to be reminded of how great this community is, I highly recommend hitting a rally or two this year and a couple of my favorites are on the horizon. The Desert Adventure Rally, that Sterling Noren and I host in Bisbee, AZ, is happening from April 9-14 ( And the inimitable Touratech Rally, which is chock full of ADV-inspiration, is happening June 27-30 in Plain, WA ( Hope to see you there!

Eva Rupert is a SheADV board member,  rider, adventurer, event planner and curator of energy and awesomeness.