Is Your Riding Gear Protecting You as Much as You Think?

By Salmarie Wilson (Special to Touratech USA from SheADV) I recently purchased a new Klim suit and fortunately, I know the different levels of protection when it comes to the armor. Now, I want to start by saying I’m not trying to throw Klim under the bus because Klim is good, high-quality gear and I’ve [...]

The Zen of Moto

By Christine Kathryn Special to Touratech USA from SheADV There’s no lack of information out there about the benefits of mindfulness and living in the present moment and the practice of yoga and meditation has become one of the more popular ways to approach it. As a certified yoga teacher who took up adventure riding [...]


In April’s newsletter, we had an article SheADV Training Fundamentals, where we talked about researching training schools, instructors and riding both on and off the street. This article is the next step to improving your fundamental skills for both on-road and off-road riding. Mastering your skills and maintaining them, make riding easier and most importantly, [...]

SheADV Training Fundamentals

Written by Shal Wilson & Edited by Eva Rupert So, you’ve made the decision to start adventure riding and you’re busy researching what bike to ride and what gear to get, but have you put much thought into training? There is a lot we can do to reduce the inherent risk of riding motorcycles and avoid [...]

SheADV Updates

As the founding supporter of SheADV Touratech USA is excited to see the growth that is happening with the riding organization who's mission is to empower women riders. They're worked hard to create resources and training opportunities and there are awesome things on the horizon! SheADV Creates New Resources for Women in Adventure Motorcycling The [...]

Companero: A Love Story

Eight years ago, I did a lot of research into finding the “perfect” riding suit.  I was looking for a suit that had a high level of protection, looked good, fit well and something that was going to keep me cool in hot weather and warm and dry when the weather gods wanted to put [...]