Backcountry Discovery Routes

BDR Keep it 100 film festival sponsored by Touratech

Join Team BDR Live on YouTube for the 4th Annual BDR Keep It 100 Film Festival! Filmmakers from all backgrounds have submitted their 100-second BDR Adventure films and here is the November 28th, 2023 broadcast. The evening's agenda includes: Opening remarks by the BDR team with the latest BDR updates. Screening of the top 4 [...]

riding solo az to bc: Episode 2

In this video Sterling travels across southern Arizona from Bisbee to Arivaca Lake for some motorcycle camping and cooking. Touratech USA is once again proud to support rider and filmmaker, Sterling Noren as he embarks on another epic solo journey on his BMW R1250GS. This season he travels over 8000 miles from his home in [...]

BDR PA Wilds Released: Four sections Of ADV Happiness

By Ron Lieback The BDR-X PA Wilds Loop Packs BDR fun into a more manageable loop, taking advantage of the excellent ADV terrain Pennsylvania offers.  As much as we’d like to explore everything the Backcountry Discovery Routes offer, the reality is that most of us don’t have the time to pound out the miles of [...]

Dork in the Road: Touratech Rally West 2022 – Part 1

This year's 2022 Touratech Rally West was an amazing event filled with motorcycle demo rides, awesome new bikes like the Ducati Desert X, amazing presentations, a thrilling motorcycle challenge course, and of course four days of camping and hanging out with amazing people and riding in the beautiful mountainous surroundings of Plain, Washington. In part [...]

touratech rally west was awesome!

Last month in Plain, WA Touratech-USA hosted the largest adventure motorcycle rally in the USA. Touratech Rally West was our first time back to full speed since 2019 and the attendees were ready for a weekend of fun, sun and friends.     We were joined onsite by KTM, Harley-Davidson, Triumph, Ducati and Yamaha offering [...]

Finding the Perfect Moto Campsite: 8 Tips for Adventure Riders

By Ron Lieback Photos by Jon Beck Finding a campsite is easy. Finding the perfect campsite is another story. With these tips, we’ll tell you what to look for to find a comfortable, and safe, night’s sleep. At the end of a long day in the ADV saddle, there are few things better than settling [...]

Do I Really Need A Motorcycle-Specific GPS? vs. Your Phone

By Ron Lieback You may think your phone is all you need to get directions, but once you’re off-road, all bets are off. This is why you need a motorcycle-specific GPS. By now you know how powerful a tool your phone is for practically everything we do in our everyday lives. One of its most [...]

New Year, New You: 7 ADV Riding Resolutions for 2022

By Ron Lieback Hey adventure riders, looking for a list of resolutions that are specifically designed for you? Check out these seven and ride happier this year. New year, new you. Those words splatter about every communication channel possible throughout January, touting a refocus on health and fitness. Adventure motorcyclists deserve not so commonplace ideas—ideas [...]

Video: Companero rambler riding suit

Touratech’s Companero Riding Suits have been the “go to” all-weather riding suits for adventure riders for years. With their combination of durability and versatility they make it possible to be protected and comfortable under any conditions. Now Touratech has partnered with industry apparel leaders REV’IT to introduce the Companero Rambler. A suit with superior ventilation [...]

new product alert: Companero Rambler riding suit

We announced the eminent arrival of the Touratech and Rev'It Adventure riding suit in the summer of 2020. It's taking awhile, but the purpose-built, Companero Rambler is finally available in the USA and we couldn't be more excited!  It combines the highest levels of armor protection and GORE-TEX ProShell water-proof comfort while keeping you cool with [...]