Video: Companero rambler riding suit

Touratech’s Companero Riding Suits have been the “go to” all-weather riding suits for adventure riders for years. With their combination of durability and versatility they make it possible to be protected and comfortable under any conditions. Now Touratech has partnered with industry apparel leaders REV’IT to introduce the Companero Rambler. A suit with superior ventilation [...]

The Touratech R1200GS Rambler Rides the Azores

The Archipelago of the Azores off of the coast of Portugal offer some of the most picturesque riding on the planet. It was the perfect location for us to test our Touratech R1200GS Rambler concept bikes. Touratech worked with BMW Motorrad to create a 1200cc dual-sport motorcycle under 200kgs and the results are amazing. Enjoy [...]

The Touratech R1200GS Rambler Rips it Up!

Watch the amazing concept bike created by the engineers at Touratech working with BMW Motorrad go through its paces. This bike has the power of a 1200cc motorcycle in a 200kg package. It's road and trail ready and is Touratech from top to bottom! Hello Touratech R1200GS Rambler!