Video: Companero rambler riding suit

Touratech’s Companero Riding Suits have been the “go to” all-weather riding suits for adventure riders for years. With their combination of durability and versatility they make it possible to be protected and comfortable under any conditions. Now Touratech has partnered with industry apparel leaders REV’IT to introduce the Companero Rambler. A suit with superior ventilation and unsurpassed protection and waterproof capabilities.

Companero Rambler is a suit designed by riders. Every detail and feature have been trail-tested through every possible type of weather and terrain and Rambler left riders wanting for nothing. The next generation of adventure riding suit is here: Companero Rambler by Touratech.


Video Transcription:

Paul from Touratech USA here to introduce the Companero Rambler. This is the newest riding suit. It’s a joint venture between Touratech and REV’IT. It’s available as a jacket and a pant that are integrated and they zip together for additional protection. There are three things a riding suit needs to do really well. Number one, it needs to keep you dry when the weather is wet. Number two, it’s got to protect you from impact with pads and protectors throughout the suit. And number three, it’s got to have a lot of ventilation to keep you cool when the weather gets warm or the riding gets tough. The Rambler is guaranteed to keep you dry using Gore-Tex Pro Shell, which is a three layer laminate by Gore-Tex. It’s also got this storm collar, which comes up high underneath the helmet to keep the water out. It’s got double walled panels in key areas of the Gore-Tex, and it’s got this Kevlar reinforced armor core, which adds abrasion resistance, and it’s got 3M scotch light reflective material, so you can be seen in low light conditions.

The Rambler suit keeps you safe with high-tech armor protectors throughout. It’s got a large back protector. It’s got shoulder protection, elbow protection, and it also has an optional sternum protector. The back protector is made from C-Soft, it’s perforated for air flow. It’s got multiple layers. It’s a memory foam, so it really contours with the body to keep you comfortable, and it’s CE level 2 protection, which is the highest you can get. The shoulder and elbow protectors are made from C-Flex, which is molded to fit your body. It’s perforated to maximize air flow, and it’s also CE level 2, which is the highest level of protection.

With a Gore-Tex riding suit, ventilation is key, and we’re really excited about this suit because of this forced induction, double zipper vent. So you have a 1.2 inch wide vent that goes the entire length of the torso. It pumps in a ton of air that keeps you cool. We’ve also got additional vents here, which you can operate with one hand, it’s got an arm vent and then on the back, it’s got two exhaust vents right here. So this system together puts a ton of air flow in, keeps you cool on the hottest days, and when the riding gets really tough.

Let’s talk pockets. The Rambler’s got great waterproof zipper pockets on both sides on the outside. On the inside, it’s got two additional zipper pockets. And in the back, it’s got a full-sized, big zipper pocket across the back, and you can store the liner in that pocket when you’re out on a ride.

So the Rambler jacket comes with an integrated warming layer. It snaps into the jacket, so it stays in place on the wrist and up behind the neck, and then it can be worn separately as casual wear when you get to town and you’re cruising around. It’s got nice pockets on both sides and a chest pocket here, so it makes the perfect travel companion to the jacket.

This is the Rambler pant. It’s designed to go with the Rambler jacket. It’s Gore-Tex Pro Shell, so it’s designed to keep you dry. It’s got these really nice oversized pockets here, they go down to about here, big enough for a cell phone. It’s well ventilated with this FIDLOCK opening system. So you can unzip that, you can operate this with one hand while riding. It’s got large ventilation panel there that lets air flow in, keeps you cool. It’s got Kevlar reinforced ArmorCore for additional abrasion resistance. This also has a built-in liner, so on cold days or cold times of the year, you can wear the integrated liner. It’s designed to integrate with the zipper to the jacket, so it makes it a perfect match to the Rambler jacket.

The Rambler is the suit that I’ve been waiting for. It’s got Gore-Tex Pro Shell to keep you dry. It’s got CE level 2 armor throughout, and it’s got best-in-class air flow to pump in a massive amount of air to keep you cool, when the riding gets tough.

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