touratech Suspension

Touratech Suspension Service

    Rider’s former editor-in-chief, Mark Tuttle, gives us the lowdown on Touratech suspension service for the Touratech Extreme replacement rear shock for his BMW R 1200 GS. One of the reasons I bought a lightly used 2007 BMW R 1200 GS was for its generous load capacity of 441 lb – a weight limit [...]

riding solo az to bc: episode 18

Episode 18 - After digging himself out of a sandy situation , Sterling rides some enjoyable pavement across northern Vancouver Island to Port Hardy and spends the night at a beautiful campground before his ferry ride to Bella Coola. Touratech USA is once again proud to support rider and filmmaker, Sterling Noren as he embarks [...]

riding solo az to bc: episode 17

Episode 17 -After 40 days of riding and motorcycle camping, Sterling finds what he was looking for at Side Bay on British Columbia's wild west coast. Touratech USA is once again proud to support rider and filmmaker, Sterling Noren as he embarks on another epic solo journey on his BMW R1250GS. This season he travels over [...]

riding solo az – bc: episode 14

Episode 14 – Riding Solo AZ to BC: After 37 days of non-stop riding and filming Sterling has a very emotional day and struggles to learn from the experience. The riding has not been particularly difficult, but there are other challenges he faces trying to film his journey the way that he wants to. And [...]

riding solo az – bc: Episode 13

Episode 13– Riding Solo AZ to BC: Riding the west coast of Vancouver Island from Port Renfrew to Bamfield, British Columbia. Sterling takes a water taxi to the west side of this tiny coastal community and spends the afternoon exploring a charming seaside boardwalk. In the afternoon he rides back across the island and finds [...]

Touratech Evo Suspension Test Ride

Testing the premium electronic suspension upgrade for BMW R1200GS/A and R1250GS/A motorcycles. In this video Jocelin Snow, BMW Motorrad GS Trophy team member, and Paul Guillien, veteran of 11 BDR Expeditions give EVO Suspension System a thorough test ride on different terrain and obstacles as they get to know this new product from Touratech Suspension. [...]

Touratech Evo Suspension: Product Overview

Electronic suspension upgrade for BMW R1200GS/A, and R1250GS/A motorcycles. This video gives an overview of the features in Touratech Suspension's Plug and Travel EVO System. The Plug & Travel EVO is available for all years and models of the water-cooled BMW R1200GS/A and R1250GS/A motorcycles, equipped with electronic suspension. The new technology includes a HyperFlow [...]

Touratech’s New Evo Suspension For 2013 and up BMW R 1200/1250 GS

The latest version of Touratech’s Plug & Travel EVO suspension for the BWW R 1200 GS and R 1250 GS integrates perfectly and performs even better than before. Touratech has done it again, helping the already capable GS platform become more capable. The latest version of its Plug & Travel EVO suspension for the R [...]


Episode 9 – Riding Solo AZ to BC: Black Rock Desert After waking up in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada Sterling rides into Gerlach where he meets Phillipe the Frenchman and films him riding his electric trials motorcycle. Then he rides what could be one of the most remote roads in the Lower 48. [...]


Episode 7 - Riding Solo AZ to BC: Motorcycle Tarp Camping in the Gentle Rain  Riding back across the mighty Sierra Nevada mountains of California. Motorcycle camping and cooking under a tarp during light rainfall in the mountains. Touratech USA is once again proud to support rider and filmmaker, Sterling Noren as he embarks on [...]