Touratech Zega: Making the Case for Hard Luggage

If you’re searching for the best luggage for your adventure motorcycle, you can stop looking. There is only one choice in Motorcycle travel: Zega Panniers by Touratech.

Zega by Touratech is the industry standard in protection for you and your belongings. Zega provides the most storage space, the most versatility and the highest quality.

The durable, easy to equip panniers are the boxes adventure riders around the world trust to protect their gear Zega opens from either side, quickly and easily.

The silicone seal makes the Zega totally waterproof and dust proof. The pannier is easy connect to your bike using Touratech’s patented connection system. When locked onto the side of your motorcycle, these boxes are virtually impossible to remove until you unlock them.

Zega panniers can be used in more ways than just carrying your gear.

Use one as a chair around the campfire.

You can use a Zega pannier as a wash-basin or laundry bucket.

You can create a functional table with them.

The lid is a great tool or fastener tray when you have to work on your bike.

The possibilities are endless with the Zega panniers.

The undisputed, best way to keep your electronic devices safe in case of impact on your motorcycle are in Zega panniers.

Riders also use Zega panniers for external storage.

Bolt fuel cans, drinking water, medical supplies and more to the outside of your boxes.

The top of the Zega pannier provides an even, flat surface to strap more gear onto the bike.

There are a lot reasons why the top adventure riders on the planet go with Zega luggage by Touratech.

Touratech Zega: Making the Case for Hard Luggage