New Product Alert!: Panniers for the KTM 1290 Super Adventure


The 1290 KTM Super Adventure is perhaps the boldest new entry to the adventure touring segment. The Super Adventure’s uncompromisingly powerful engine is managed by a cutting edge electronics package that helps keep the bike from getting too rowdy. This means that street riding meshes seamlessly with a versatile dual-sport style, making the Super Adventure the perfect ride for wide range of journeys once you have the right luggage.

Touratech announces two pannier systems for the 1290 Super Adventure:

The full-featured Zega Pro system is geared towards off-road adventures and features plastic reinforcements along the bottom and top-side corners, plus a complete range of external and internal accessories for organizing and customizing the gear-hauling capabilities. The Zega Pro panniers come in raw aluminum, silver anodized or black anodized finish.

For those looking for clean lines and more simple stylings, take a look at the new Zega Mundo system. The Zega Mundo panniers come only in the raw aluminum finish with external accessories available. They’re the perfect road-touring luggage system.

Both of these aluminum pannier systems are dust and water proof, and provide a rugged, reliable, solution to hauling gear on your Super Adventure travels.