BMW F850GS Installation: Touratech Works Foot Pegs

Hey, I’m Iain with Touratech USA and these are the Touratech Works Foot Pegs for the BMW GS’. These fit a lot of different bikes, but we’re going to be installing them on the BMW F850GS. These are the lowered version of the Works Foot Pegs. So, they actually ride a little bit lower than the stock pegs do. The foot pegs themselves are stainless steel. They’re nice and thick. They’re very strong. They include new springs and two spacers here that hold the springs into the foot pegs to make the installation a little bit easier.

The installation of the Touratech Works Foot Pegs is actually quite easy. First thing you have to do is remove the little E-clip on the bottom of the foot peg pivot pin. It’s a good idea to have your hand ready to catch this because it can spring off into the garage and be difficult to find again. With the E-clip off we now push the pivot pin out. You can remove the spring, remove the foot peg, remove the spacer.

To prepare the Touratech Foot Peg for installation make sure you select the correct side for the motorcycle. You’ll know it’s the right one if it fits into the bracket and the platform is still flat. As well as, the platform has its extension that’s wider than factory going rearward. The reason we do this is so that it doesn’t change the relationship of the distance between the foot peg and the break pedal, or the foot peg and the gear lever on the other side.

To assemble the spring in the Touratech Work Foot Peg, first you have to orient the spring so that it’s long tab will enter into the hole on the foot peg mount. And it’s short tab with bend will rest right here on the foot peg. I like to use my thumb to press the spring into the foot peg and then take the sleeve from the Touratech kit and push it down through the spring. If you’re having a hard time getting this sleeve to fit flush in the foot peg you can take the pivot pin and actually push it down until the sleeve is in the right position while pushing in with your thumb. Take the foot peg and line up the extended portion of the spring with the hole in the foot peg mount bracket. Then push the foot peg down with your hand until the pin can slide through the sleeve. Once the pin’s in place you just need to reinstall the E-clip on the bottom of the foot peg pin. The installation is exactly the same on the other side of the motorcycle, so just repeat the process and you’re ready to go.

The Touratech Works Foot Pegs are now installed. When you go out for a ride you’ll notice you got a much bigger platform to stand on which makes your feet a lot more comfortable while you’re riding. You’ll also notice that the foot pegs themselves offer a lot more grip than the stock ones do. The foot pegs are a little bit lower than stock. So you may want to go just for a short ride around your neighborhood first and make sure that your break pedal and your shifter are in good positions. You can reach them appropriately and use them the right way. So, other than that those pegs are good to go. They’re a huge upgrade from stock. You’re going to enjoy them.

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