BMW F850GS/F750 Installation:Touratech Lower Engine Crash Bars

In this video, Iain walks you through the installation of the Touratech Lower Engine Crash Bars for the BMW F850GS

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Iain here with Touratech USA and this is the install video for the F850GS lower engine crash bars. These crash bars are made out of stainless steel. They’re media blasted and electropolished so they look great and they last a long time. The hardware kit consists of a single M6 bolt with two washers and Nyloc nut, four M8 bolts with four M8 washers, and two M10 bolts with three M10 washers and one M10 Nyloc nut.

Before we can install the crash bars on the motorcycle, we’ll need to remove this plastic cover using a Torx T25 on this screw right here. Aside from the screw at the backside of the cover, there’s also a quick release rubber component at the front that you simply pull away from the motorcycle. Make sure to unclip the wire from the front before you pull away on the plastic piece. The left side crash bar is installed with three bolts. Two M8 bolts here and here and one M10 bolt here at the kickstand mount. Be sure to feed the leading edge of the crash bar behind the header pipes as you’re installing it on the motorcycle.

The two M8 bolts should be installed with a small amount of thread-locker. Be sure to use one of the small M8 washers on each of the bolts. The M10 bolt should be prepared with a small amount of anti seize. Use two of the M10 washers and the one M10 Nyloc nut. On the right hand side of the motorcycle, before we can install the crash bar, we need to carefully clip the zip tie holding the oxygen sensor wires in place and then remove the zip tie mount from the threaded hole.

The right side crash bar is installed using M8 bolts here and here and an M10 bolt here at the rear. Take special care of the oxygen sensor wire while you’re installing the crash bar. You don’t want to pinch it in there. While you’re sliding the crash bar into place, make sure that this female end of the crash bar slides over the male end of the left hand side crash bar.

The two M8 bolts should both be prepared with thread-locking agent and use one of the M8 washers on each bolt. The M10 bolt should be prepared with a small amount of thread-locking agent and use the remaining M10 washer. Now this set of crash bars is a pre-production unit so the hardware that you have in this position may be slightly different then what you’re seeing in the video here, but you need to make sure that the two sides of the crash bars are both lined up with each other so the hole in the center is clear. You’re gonna take an M6 bolt and slide it through the hole and then catch the nut on the backside.

At this point, we’re ready to tighten up all the bolts mounting these crash bars, starting with the M6 bolt in the center. Tighten the M8 bolts on both sides of the crash bar. These M8 bolts thread into the aluminum engine block so be sure not to tighten any further than 15 foot pounds. On the left hand side, the M10 nut is threaded into a Nyloc nut so just snug those up gently. You’ll use a 17 millimeter spanner to hold the nut in place.

The M10 bolt on the right hand side is threaded into the engine case so limit yourself to 15 foot pounds. Don’t forget to tighten up the wire with a zip tie. On the left hand side of the motorcycle, this step’s optional but you can reinstall the plastic cover that you removed earlier. It snaps right back into place and the screws install just like factory.

All right, the crash bars are now installed on our BMW F850GS. You can see they look great on the front of the motorcycle and they offer a ton of protection to the sides of the engine. If you want to learn more about the products we make for this bike, visit our website, and share some photos with us on social media of the places you’ve taken your bike and used that protection. Thank you.