Daniel Rintz

Daniel Rintz: About Fear and Risk

When we talk to people we meet along the way, we often hear: "You're so brave, travelling around the world, the way you do". I cheekily reply: "Not brave, just naive!" This always gets a laugh. But there is more weight to this exchange than my joking response lets you expect. The fear of the unknown occupies [...]

Daniel Rintz: Carretera Austral

I was scrolling through our photo library the other day. Someone asked me to pick a single photo that summed up best what motorcycling is for me. My immediate reaction - that's impossible! Josie and I have about 60,000 photos in our travel catalog. Perhaps 10,000 of those show motorcycles. The photos were taken over the course of [...]

Daniel Rintz: It is All So Amazing

What is the best place? "Which one is your favourite country?" I get asked a lot. I understand that this question comes up naturally. For example when I talk to a stockbroker, I feel compelled to ask which shares are safe to buy (And I don't even trade). Obviously countries don't change as quickly as [...]

What to Bring on Your Motorcycle Adventure

Often people ask me what to take on a trip around the world. The longer the trip the more likely you'll need everything from mosquito repellent for tropical places all the way to a down-jacket for the mountains. Taking the right stuff with you is as much a challenge as it is an art. The challenge is to [...]

Meet Daniel Rintz and Josephine Flohr

About ten years ago, I decided to ride around the world. I had no money to do it, but I was desperate to go. So I tried to work random jobs along the way to make it happen. Everyone thought that this was foolish and some even said it out loud. However, when Touratech heard about it, they [...]