Daniel Rintz: About Fear and Risk

When we talk to people we meet along the way, we often hear: “You’re so brave, travelling around the world, the way you do”. I cheekily reply: “Not brave, just naive!” This always gets a laugh.

10 El Salvador-1591-IMG_0167

But there is more weight to this exchange than my joking response lets you expect. The fear of the unknown occupies even the experienced traveller’s mind at times. So far, I am looking back on a total of 10 years “on the road” and I’m happy to admit that it took at least one, maybe even two years until something significantly changed – as far as my perception of fear was concerned. The more one travels the more one’s fear is replaced by concern, respect and adaption. And that’s a good thing.

10 El Salvador-1637-_MG_0933

Josephine and I were travelling through El Salvador in 2015. It is a small country but it suffers an enormous amount of gun violence. Especially in the capital San Salvador, gangs fight for dominance in drug trafficking and kill competitors mercilessly. This puts a lot of fear in the rest of the population as well as us travellers. Fortunately we were contacted by a young motorcycle-travel aficionado before we even entered the country. He offered to show us around his country. We welcomed the opportunity of being led through a dangerous and unknown territory by a local. The fact that his surname was Escobar, like the famous drug lord, did not raise any red flags on our side. It’s a very common name in latin America 😉

You can call it naivety or fearlessness, but through our new friend’s insight we found a way to gauge the risk and get a feel for the place. We ended up travelling much longer and farther through El Salvador than we initially planned – a pattern that runs through most of our stories and films. Daniel and Josephine // www.open-explorers.com