Touratech Aventuro Carbon 2: Fact #1

FACT: The new Touratech Aventuro Carbon 2 has a sweet new interior! The new Aventuro Carbon Helmet has a ton of amazing new features, engineered to enhance your riding experience. Whether traversing the wilds of Africa, the salt spray of the Australian coast or the twisty, mountain roads of the American West, this lid os [...]

Out of the Box: Touratech Aventuro Carbon 2

The Aventuro Carbon set new standards for light-weight comfort, cooling airflow and a fighter-jet shaped peak that cleanly cuts through the wind. Touratech has updated this adventure motorcycle helmet and taken it to new levels with the Aventuro Carbon 2. The Aventuro Carbon 2's peak has a more streamlined shape with ports that manage the [...]

Touratech Aventuro Carbon Helmet Review

Touratech Aventuro Carbon Helmet Review Adventure-touring motorcycle helmets must satisfy three demands: lightweight, comfort, and versatility for both on- and off-road. Lightweight is a stand-alone feature, but as for comfort and versatility, many factors are needed. Enter the Touratech Aventuro Carbon Helmet, which excels at these three essential needs. A carbon-fiber construction brings weight to [...]

Cinebike Looks at the Aventuro Carbon

Our friends at Cinebike extensively tested the Aventuro Carbon helmet recently and did a great job discussing the features. These ultra-light and ventilated helmets are engineered for adventure riding and can be changed from an ADV helmet to a Street or dirt helmet, really easily without tools. They come in eight colors and the price [...]

Video: Comparing the Aventuro Carbon and the Aventuro Mod Helmets

Touratech has two helmets engineered for adventure touring. They're both versatile, functional, cool and comfortable. But what's the difference? Why does one make make more sense for you than the other? This video highlights the features of the Touratech Aventuro Mod and the Touratech Aventuro Carbon. Transcription: Hi, Ian here from Touratech, USA. I'm here [...]

Archambault’s Angle: Winterizing Your Riding Gear

Unless you are living somewhere southern and sunny, summer has faded, and fall never lasts long. Here in Seattle that brings months of gloomy, wet days. Odds are, after the summer your riding gear is not in great shape, even the Gore-Tex stuff. Jackets and Pants While I end up having to wash my Klim [...]

Touratech Companero World 2: A Riding Suit For All Seasons

Mick McDonald is the owner of motorcycle tour company Compass Expeditions and recently returned from leading their 19-day Australian Encompassed ride from the steamy port city of Darwin to the cold climates of Melbourne. Mick tried out the Touratech Companero World 2 “summer” riding suit on this ride and these are his thoughts. The Australian [...]