Video: Comparing the Aventuro Carbon and the Aventuro Mod Helmets

Touratech has two helmets engineered for adventure touring. They’re both versatile, functional, cool and comfortable. But what’s the difference? Why does one make make more sense for you than the other?

This video highlights the features of the Touratech Aventuro Mod and the Touratech Aventuro Carbon.


Hi, Ian here from Touratech, USA. I’m here to explain the similarities and the differences between the Touratech Aventuro Modular and the Touratech Aventuro Carbon helmets today.

This is the Touratech Aventuro Carbon. This helmet has a full carbon fiber shell. It’s a very lightweight helmet. You can remove the peak, you can remove the visor, you can run this thing in a full street mode or in a full dirt mode, or in adventure bike mode with all the pieces fitted.

This helmet comes with camera mounts for the sides and the top. It comes with quick strap bases if you want to run goggles and use a Velcro attachment system for your goggles. This helmet is very lightweight, it breathes really well, it’s a fantastic dirt-oriented adventure helmet. If you’re gonna be riding a BDR or anything like that, it’s great for this.

Over here we have the Touratech Aventuro Modular. This helmet is built by Schuberth. It’s kind of a joint venture between Touratech and Schuberth. This is a modular helmet. It flips open at the chin bar here and it also has a flip-down sun visor. This is really handy on a long road ride. You don’t have to pull over to get your sunglasses out if it gets too bright outside.

Being that this is a Schuberth helmet, at its core it is very luxurious on the inside and it has an awful lot of padding that comes pretty far down your neck. This makes this helmet very, very quiet to ride on the pavement. The chin bar fits closer to the face than it does on the Carbon, and that cuts down on turbulent air moving around inside. So again, it just makes this helmet very luxurious, a very nice place to spend a lot of time riding down the road.

Both of these helmets are available in many different colors. The graphics are really cool for both of them. We’re really excited about these helmets. If you have any more questions about them, give us a call or look us up on the website. This is the Touratech Aventuro Modular, and this is the Touratech Aventuro Carbon.