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Touratech Compares the BMW F850GS to the R1250GS

Iain and Eric are back with the MotoTrek crew and two brand new 2019 BMW GS adventure motorcycles! Join their ride and discussion above the clouds and learn what's new and what to expect from the BMW R1250GS and the F850GS. Make sure you check out our full line of Touratech Accessories for the new [...]

How to be a Sponsored Rider?

Sponsored riders represent the Touratech brand across the far reaches of the planet. These adventurers provide us with awesome images, words and videos from locations around the globe, (usually with the Touratech logo prominently displayed). In exchange we help them equip their bikes so they’re ready to take on the challenges of world travel.

Top 6 Touratech Videos: Number 2

In this video, the guys at Touratech give you the straight scoop on what it’s like to ride KTM’s new 1190 Adventure R. 

Top 6 Touratech Videos: Number 3

Electric anticipation surrounds the shipment of KTM’s new 1190 Adventure R. What the new KTM 1190 Adventure R lacks, however, are the accessories that will allow it to safely venture long distances carrying everything you’ll need along the way.

Top 6 Touratech Videos: Number 4

In our opinion, there’s really no better way to compare two things, than to put them side by side. It’s an excellent opportunity to observe obvious differences and to note the things they have in common.

Top 6 Touratech Videos: Number 5

Shortly after it was unveiled, Touratech-USA made arrangements to take early delivery of an Alpine White F800GS. This video is our fifth most viewed of all-time.

Touratech-USA Youtube channel hits 6,000,000 views!

Our youtube channel just hit the milestone of 6,000,000 views! That’s huge and to commemorate this occasion, over the next week we’d like to share with you the 6 most watched videos ever on our channel! This is NUMBER 6.

Touratech Waterproof: Water Transport Bags

The Touratech Water Transport Bags are a great way to carry your drinking, cooking, or cleaning water on your motorcycle.  The water bags are a lightweight and compact alternative to aluminum, stainless, or hard plastic bottles.  

Africa Twin Video: Upper Crash Bars

Touratech Upper Crash Bars offer the most protection for your Africa Twin because they are designed to take the impact of a fall and transfer the forces effectively around your motorcycle.

Meet Kimmo Lassila: Touratech Adventure Expert

Riders of big bikes have the ultimate resource available to them in the Touratech Adventure Experts. This team of pros can answer virtually any question you might have about adventure motorcycles. They ride them, they build them and they live and breath motorcycles.