How to be a Sponsored Rider?

By Matt Lewis

As the Marketing Manager for Touratech-USA, I’m asked at least once a day, “How can I get sponsored?”

Sponsored riders represent the Touratech brand across the far reaches of the planet. These adventurers provide us with awesome images, words and videos from locations around the globe, (usually with the Touratech logo prominently displayed). In exchange we help them equip their bikes so they’re ready to take on the challenges of world travel.

We receive hundreds of proposals each year for sponsorships. These sponsorship requests range from small items like hand-guards and banners to discounts on parts and complete bike-builds.

We read every sponsorship request that comes into Touratech-USA, but just a very small percentage of them are granted. Most are the same rides going to the same places, just different riders.


So the real question is:   How can you differentiate yourself from other riders?


Here are some tips in no particular order:

1)   Build a large social media following (over 10,000)

2)   Have an original idea for a motorcycle adventure

3)   Create amazing links: Sweet youtube videos, photos and/or stories

4)   Submit a pitch that is different and creative

5)   Did we say, have an original idea for an adventure

6)   A true commitment to the Touratech brand

7)   Have a sponsorship relationship with a bike manufacturer (BMW, KTM etc.)

8)   Share your a plan to evangelize the Touratech name on your travels

9)   Please DO NOT call the Touratech-USA offices regarding sponsorships


All of those aspects are terrific, but not all of them are necessary. Each case is different, and we consider each proposal on its own merits.


I usually ask myself:

Do people want to know about this?

Is this project going to create great content?

Is this project going to gain popularity?

Is this person going to be an ambassador or simply receive our parts and then not follow through with their promises?

What makes this project different from the rest in this stack of proposals?


Touratech-USA loves having riders on the road as ambassadors of our brand. We’ve chosen to sponsor obscure, new riders, experienced riders and world famous travelers. If you think your story is different and you believe people want to follow your adventures then send us a proposal.


• Please include photos, links and any other info you think will help to share your message with us.

• Please be very specific about what you want from Touratech and why

• Please be specific about the details of your trip

• Please be very specific about Touratech’s benefits

• Be original and creative

Send your stuff to: