Top 6 Touratech Videos: Number 2

Our youtube channel just hit the milestone of 6,000,000 views! That’s huge and to commemorate this occasion, we’d like to share with you the 6 most watched videos ever on our channel!


Number 2:

Comparing KTM’s 1190 Adventure R and 990 Baja Edition


From 2013: In this video, the guys at Touratech give you the straight scoop on what it’s like to ride KTM’s new 1190 Adventure R.  Over the course of three days, Touratech’s General Manager, Paul Guillien, and ‘Chief Riding Officer,’ Iain Glynn, switched bikes alternating between the KTM 1190 Adventure R and the legendary KTM 990 while riding in the mountains over a variety of terrain.

Camping off of the motorcycles gave them a chance to feel how the bikes handle when carrying full luggage and allowed time to sit around the campfire and reflect on the differences between these bikes.