Africa Twin Video: Upper Crash Bars

Touratech Upper Crash Bars offer the most protection for your Africa Twin because they are designed to take the impact of a fall and transfer the forces effectively around your motorcycle.

Fairing, radiator, and front fork repair is expensive and can put an end to your trip. Invest in Touratech upper crash bars and give your Honda the protection it needs to go the distance.

The compact and narrow design of the Touratech crash bars maximize manueverability when off road or traveling in the backcountry. The heavy duty one inch diameter stainless steel tubing and tig welded construction offers superior strength and maximum protection. These stainless steel upper crash bars won’t rust and will remain corrosion free and looking great on even the most serious adventure expedition.

The designers at Touratech payed close attention not to spoil the nice lines on the Honda Africa Twin’s fairings.  These crash bars perfectly match the Honda’s lines and accent the aggressive look of the Africa Twin.