Author: Matt Lewis

First Look: Touratech Equipped BMW R1300GS

The BMW R1300GS has a more powerful motor and upgraded electronics, all in a package that weighs 26 pounds less than its predecessor, making this legendary adventure bike even better. By using a shorter stroke, bigger bore and increased liquid cooling, the engineers at BMW added power right where you want it. Touratech USA is [...]

Touratech EVO Suspension vs. BMW Stock Suspension

We sent our team into the field to test EVO Suspension. We're really excited about this amazing step up in suspension technology and nothing illustrates the upgrade like switching from stock suspension to Touratech EVO. Touratech Suspension Plug & Travel EVO shocks for the BMW R1200GS, GSA and R1250GS, GSA are the next generation of [...]

The Motorcycle Suspension Glossary

Riders hear a lot about suspension in discussions about motorcycle performance. We all know what shocks and forks are, but motorcycle suspension has a language of it's own, so we asked our staff and some of the experts in the field we work with to put together this directory of motorcycle suspension terms. Hopefully, it'll help you when [...]

Touratech GPS Immersion Series: Garmin Zumo XT2

This class is an in-depth, deep dive into the Zumo XT2. Get your GPS Unit out and get better at motorcycle travel today! The new Zumo XT2 Motorcycle Navigator from Garmin is a fantastic tool for the hardcore traveler or the weekend warrior. It's an updated and larger screened version of the popular Garmin Zumo [...]

Garmin Zumo XT vs Garmin Zumo XT2 – A Comparison

By Eric Archambault More than just a bigger screen… “The difference is just a bigger screen right” is normally the way a conversation comparing the Garmin Zumo XT2 to the Garmin Zumo XT starts. Standing at the sales counter wearing my Touratech-USA shirt shortly after the Garmin Zumo XT2 was released I didn’t have much [...]

touratech zega evo top case – Harley-Davidson pan america

The Touratech EVO Premium Topcase System is the toughest, highest quality, and complete topcase system on the market for the Harley-Davidson Pan America.   With 6 mounting points, the included topcase rack ensures you have enough carrying capacity for long trips, and the waterproof, lockable, all aluminum construction EVO topcase will go the distance for any trip [...]

The BMW R1300GS is here!

The long anticipated and game-changing BMW R1300GS is going to be in the USA soon and Touratech USA has a full line of parts made for adventure in production. 

The Zen of Moto

By Christine Kathryn Special to Touratech USA from SheADV There’s no lack of information out there about the benefits of mindfulness and living in the present moment and the practice of yoga and meditation has become one of the more popular ways to approach it. As a certified yoga teacher who took up adventure riding [...]

The BMW R1300GS is Coming: This is what we know

Hardly anything fuels the rumor mill in the ADV motorcycle scene more than the anticipated launch of a new BMW GS. We have compiled the known facts and speculation surrounding the BMW R1300GS, which will be presented in Berlin on September 28th, 2023. The current boxer GS leads the registration ranking in Germany and in [...]