Touratech Evo Suspension: Product Overview

Electronic suspension upgrade for BMW R1200GS/A, and R1250GS/A motorcycles. This video gives an overview of the features in Touratech Suspension’s Plug and Travel EVO System. The Plug & Travel EVO is available for all years and models of the water-cooled BMW R1200GS/A and R1250GS/A motorcycles, equipped with electronic suspension.

The new technology includes a HyperFlow damper piston that is engineered to suppress foaming and cavitation which ensures consistent damping for predictable and stable performance no matter how tough the terrain gets. This combined with the newly developed electromagnetic valve, that responds quickly to changes on the ground, provides a planted feel and enhanced sense of control for the rider.

The engineering feat of auto-leveling suspension is one of the best innovations in the last decade. While this feature has thrown some aftermarket suspension for a loop, the Plug & Travel EVO has been specifically developed to not only accommodate it, but actually enhance the auto-leveling performance of BMW motorcycles.

The EVO also has a power-house pre-load adjuster that improves performance with lightning-fast action and bullet proof reliability.

Touratech Suspension Plug & Travel EVO features:

• Easy compression damping adjustment with large finger-friendly clicker dial

• Optimized for auto-leveling bikes

• HyperFlow damper piston engineered to suppress foaming for stable performance

• New electromagnetic valve responds with precision and consistency in demanding situations

• One-Piece shock body machined from aircraft-grade aluminum for bullet-proof reliability

• Plug & Play integration with the electronic system on the BMW R1200GS/1250GS/A motorcycles.

• Lowering models available

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