The Aventuro Carbon Pro Helmet is Here

Touratech entered the helmet segment more than a decade ago with the Aventuro Carbon which was focused on providing adventure motorcyclists with a lighter alternative to the helmets available at that time. The company is now releasing the 3rd generation of this revolutionary product with the Aventuro Carbon PRO. This helmet sets new standards for cooling airflow, glove-friendly vent controls, and an improved liner system, while continuing to be a rider favorite thanks to its lightweight feel and low-drag aerodynamics which reduce neck strain and improve rider comfort.

The Carbon PRO has been completely re-designed from the ground up. The Peak mounting has been changed to sturdy threaded fasteners for improved reliability, and the shape has been streamlined to reduce drag for enhanced rider comfort. The new peak also mounts higher on the helmet which makes it easier to remove the shield for installing a pin-lock system or upgrading to a tinted shield.

The airflow has been maximized with 8 intake vents, 4 exhaust vents and upgraded distribution channels in the EPS liner for best-in-class cooling airflow. The helmet liner has also been upgraded to a better material and an innovative new system for locking in the cheek pads to prevent them from coming loose inadvertently.

Further changes have been made to improve the field of vision and to better accommodate glasses.

“We’re happy to see some big improvements on this helmet while retaining the lightweight and airy feeling that made it a top choice for adventure riding since the beginning. I really like the cheek pad locking system that ensures they don’t come loose and the wider range of peripheral vision and easier fit with glasses”

                                                                        -Kimmo Lasilla, VP, Sales & Customer Service

Aventuro Carbon PRO Helmet:

  • More airflow with 8 intake vents, 4 exhaust vents and distribution channels
  • Glove-friendly controls with improved grip and for operating vents
  • Dual-function chin vent to provide fine control of air to both the rider and the shield
  • New peak design improves aerodynamics and reduces drag for reduced neck strain
  • Improved quick-release mechanism for the peak using metal threads for a reliable and secure connection
  • Expanded peripheral range of view and shape that better accommodates glasses
  • Crafted from X-Pro Carbon fiber which provides uniform strength with precise fiber distribution
  • Meets high standards for safety with both DOT and ECE 22.06 certifications

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