Touratech Extreme Rear Shock for the KTM 1090 Adventure R

The Touratech Extreme Shock for the KTM 1090 Adventure R is the ultimate upgrade for your bike. In this video, Paul talks about some of it’s awesome features. and what differentiates it from the OEM shock.

“This is a really fast and fun motorcycle and putting the Touratech Extreme Shock on it will really be a game-changer for this bike. It just makes off-road riding a lot more fun.”

Feature Summary:

•Bottoming control with secondary compression damping technology which prevents bottoming out. The (PDS) Position-dependant damping System is like a hydraulic pillow at the end of the stroke.

•Remote reservoir, made from high-strength aluminum, keeps the fluid cool and ensures pressure stability in the shock which results in better performance. The reservoir also increases fluid volume by 50% extending the life of your shock.

•High-flow fittings are oversized to allow 96% more oil flow between the reservoir and the shock.

•Adjustable high-speed and low-speed compression damping allows absolute control of shock tuning to give you the precise handling characteristics you want in any conditions.

•Adjustable rebound damping allows you to fine-tune the ride characteristics to meet your preferences.

•50% more preload adjustment than other shocks on the market. A generous 15mm of adjustment allows proper spring pre-load set-up for a fully-loaded adventure bike. Most shocks have 8-10mm which is not enough to accommodate the varying quantities of long-distance luggage.

•Hydraulic Spring Preload Adjustment allows quick changes to be made to the preload by twisting the knob with your hand.

•A floating piston separates the air and the oil to prevent oil foaming. This technology ensures that your shock will have smooth and consistent performance even in punishing environments.

•Cold forged 6082 T6 aluminum shock body machined to exacting standards offers high-strength and maximum heat dissipation.

•High-strength stainless steel bushings ensure the mounting points of the shock will go the distance.

•Low-friction seal with integrated Teflon back-up ring maximizes performance and extends the life of the shock.

•Available in a range of spring rates to match the rider weight requirements.