Helge Pedersen Discusses the Touratech Heat Control Seat

Adventure motorcycle legend, Helge Pedersen has ridden around the globe under all conditions and knows the importance of being able to control seat temperature on his motorcycle. When he heard that Touratech was introducing a heated seat he immediately wanted to ride on it.

In this video, Helge highlights some of the features of the new Touratech Heat Control Seat for the BMW R1200GS and shares some of his personal views on heated seats. He’s gearing up for a trip to the Himalaya’s with his Globeriders team and will definitely benefit from the this hot new saddle!

It’s currently available for the BMW R1200GS, Honda Africa Twin and KTM 1090/1190.

The engineers at Touratech have developed new technology that will keep you warm while minimizing power consumption on the bike. Using a proprietary electronic controller and a carbon fiber mesh heating element, the Heat Control Seat will keep you warm while only drawing 25% of the electricity of other heated seats. This preserves limited wattage on your BMW GS for other accessories like heated grips, heated riding gear, lights, and other accessories.

A glove-friendly control button is integrated into the side of the seat, eliminating the need for messy wires or switches on the handlebars. When pressing the button, the seat makes a quick vibration that signals the heat setting to the rider. This product is wired directly to the battery and switched power and will not impact the OEM electronic system of the motorcycle.

You can toggle the heat mode between High, Medium and Off with the touch of a button. When the heat is not needed, you will still enjoy the legendary comfort that many have come to expect from Touratech’s Comfort Seats. The proprietary high-density foam, ergonomic shape and stretch foam have made these seats a top choice for travel and distance riding.