New Product Alert!: Plug & Travel ESA Shock Upgrade for the F800GS

The ESA option for BMW’s 2013 and newer F800GS allows the rider to choose from three modes on the rear shock. With the press of a button, the damping settings on the rear shock change between Comfort, Normal, and Sport.

The shortcomings with the OEM shock are that the damping is set-up for a relatively lightweight rider who travels without luggage, and the unit is not serviceable. Material and design compromises made in order to hit a price point on the OEM unit result in a shock that will wear out or blow seals, long before the rest of the bike gets tired and it must be replaced.

To solve these problems, Touratech Suspension has developed the Plug & Travel ESA Upgrade. A high-performance replacement shock that offers world-class ride characteristics, is 100% serviceable, and is a bolt-on solution that plugs in to the BMW ESA system allowing the ride-mode buttons to function even better than stock.

 “These shocks come out of the box in line with what an adventure bike really needs.”           – Alex Martens, President, Konflict Motorsports & Suspension

The Plug & Travel ESA Upgrade shock also includes bottoming prevention that works like a hydraulic pillow at the end of the stroke. There are other after-market solutions that will add some new parts and pieces to the OEM shock electronics, but the Plug & Travel ESA Upgrade is the only solution that offers a completely new shock with integrated electronic hardware as one package.

Don’t waste time riding around on a tired stock shock. Evolve the ESA on your F800GS with the Plug & Travel ESA Upgrade.

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