Parked out front

Parked Out Front: Hermes Dutra

This week Hermes Dutra, our Brazilian friend stopped by Touratech-USA. He picked up some handguard spoilers and some other supplies as he continues his journey to Alaska! 

Parked Out Front: Scott Sander

It’s sixty-four degrees in Seattle today and Scott Sander just stopped by Touratech-USA on his gorgeous new BMW R1200GS Adventure. 

Parked Out Front: Joe Kinsella

On Friday afternoon, Seattle’s Joe Kinsella rode his cool new flat-black Super Tenere to the Touratech-USA headquarters and picked up his Aventuro Carbon helmet.

Parked Out Front: Touratech Peru!

Our own Matt Willson on his R1200GS and his wife Brayde on her F650 stopped by Touratech Peru this week en route to Tierra del Fuego.

Parked Out Front: Maureen and Michael

Maureen Smith and her brother Michael stopped by Touratech-USA on Thursday to pick some gloves and other imperative items for their ride from Seattle to Texas on Maureen’s BMW R1200GSA with sidecar.

Parked Out Front: Martin

Martin stopped by Friday. Earlier this month he flew to Los Angeles from his home in Argentina and bought a 2014 Kawasaki KLR650. He didn’t get any luggage with it so he strapped on a giant Rubbermaid container, gave it a snakeskin duct tape wrap and headed up the coast to Seattle and Touratech-USA to pick up a Zega Pro Pannier System.