Meet the Touratech Rally Vendors: BestRest Products

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BestRest Products

For the fifth year Touratech is excited to have BestRest Products onsite for the 2018 Rally!

BestRest is the home of the CyclePump Tire Inflator, TireIron BeadBrakR and other gear you’ll need for repairing or changing your tires.  They’re also the distributor of Guglatech fuel filters that’ll remove dirt, sand, and water before it gets into your engine.  The filters fit inside the gas filler cap.

At the booth they’ll have gear for sale and many items are discounted.  They’ll have demonstrations of their gear, plus they’ll show how Guglatech filters prevent contaminants from getting in your fuel.  If you’re hot, BestRest has a spray-mist cooling system in their booth. This is HUGE!

Mr. BestRest will be presenting a seminar on tire changing and tire repair.  He’ll show how to change a tire, and teach you the tricks that make it easy.