Installation Video: Extreme Shock for the KTM 1190

The ultimate shock for the KTM 1190!

The stock rear shock on the 1190 R is a step backward from the shocks we came to love on the KTM 990/950. One of the main shortcomings is that it lacks the PDS (position-dependant damping) which helps keep the shock from bottoming out. A bottom-out event can result in bent shock bolts and other failures, not to mention a less-than-ideal ride. Touratech has created the ultimate upgrade with the Extreme shock for the KTM 1190 R.

We let the mad-scientists build the shock of their dreams with this product. When we asked for the absolute highest performance shock they could imagine, they developed the Touratech Extreme Shock. If NASA built suspension for the KTM 1190 Adventure they’d be happy with this one.

In this video Touratech’s Iain Glynn takes you through the steps to upgrading your ride!


Click Here to upgrade to the Extreme shock for the KTM 1190 R.