Video: Plug & Travel ESA Upgrade for the R1200GS (2007-2013)

“The ESA button still works… It just works better.”

Touratech Suspension has created the world’s first complete ESA shock replacement with the Plug & Travel ESA Upgrade. There are other after-market solutions that will add some new parts and pieces to the OEM shock electronics, but the Plug & Travel ESA Upgrade is the only solution that offers a completely new shock with integrated electronic hardware as one package. 

Touratech Plug & Travel ESA Upgrade Shocks are over-built by design with heavy-duty materials, over-sized components, 50% more spring pre-load adjustment, and damping settings that are tuned for optimal performance with a fully-loaded motorcycle.

” The ESA button still offers the same modes, but now each mode has Touratech-tuned settings with dramatically improved performance.”

The shortcomings with the OEM shocks are that the damping and preload settings are set-up for a relatively lightweight rider who travels without luggage, and the units are not serviceable. Material and design compromises made in order to hit a price point on the OEM units result in shocks that will wear out or blow seals, long before the rest of the bike gets tired and it must be replaced.

To solve these problems, Touratech Suspension has developed the Plug & Travel ESA Upgrade. A high-performance replacement shock that offers world-class ride characteristics, is 100% serviceable, and is a bolt-on solution that plugs in to the BMW ESA system allowing the ride-mode buttons to function even better than stock.