7 Things You Should Know About the New Zumo 590LM


The newest generation in the Garmin line of motorcycle-specific GPS units, the Zumo 590LM, incorporates many of the features we’ve grown to love in the Zumo series with a host of improvements. Touratech-USA has taken a look at this new navigation unit and came up with this list of 7 things you should know about the new Zumo 590LM.

1. Garmin has made it much easier to import and use GPS tracks. The Zumo 590LM makes navigating a Backcountry Discovery Route or other track log as simple as following a road on the screen.

2. The 5-inch diagonal screen is a significant upgrade from the Zumo 660 and can be easily viewed in sunlight. The screen is also more sensitive than previous GPS units so it works effortlessly with or without gloves.

3. A powered USB Port is included with the motorcycle power cradle. This provides a new way to keep your phone or music player charged while riding your motorcycle.

4. Vastly improved music options have been built into the new Zumo 590LM. You can play music through USB, Bluetooth, or even stream Pandora radio through a compatible smart phone. The 590LM can even connect to two separate helmet headsets at the same time so that you and your passenger can enjoy the same music.

5. The processor in the Zumo 590LM is much faster than previous Zumo units giving you the ability to multitask effortlessly and quickly pan across large areas of the map smoothly.

6. The software design in the Zumo 590LM has been streamlined even further than previous Zumo units. The unit is very easy to use on the bike but still gives you enough customization options to personalize the unit. Shortcuts have been added making it convenient to access new applications available in this GPS.

7. Touratech has announced a locking mount that provides security and protection from vibration for the Zumo 590.

To learn more about Garmin’s new Zumo 590LM, click HERE.

Full Video Text:

Today we just got our hands on the Garmin Zumo 590 and the first thing that we did to test this unit’s suitability for adventure motorcycles,  was to load some tracks into this unit and make sure that it can display off-road tracks. As you can see it does so perfectly, this is the Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route (AZBDR) on the screen now.

The unit has a must faster processor than the older Zumo 660, you can see that you can pan through the maps very quickly. From the map page you can access commonly used features including phone, media player, and even trip data. This data displays nicely on the right hand side of the screen and you can even change exactly what data field is being shown.

From the front page you have access to the Apps. This is where Garmin keeps all of the special functions that this GPS unit can do. If you have the Pandora app installed on your smart phone, you can use Pandora to stream music through the GPS device and into your helmet. The Zumo 590LM can access media stored on an iPod or and iPhone. The Zumo 590 LM motorcycle power cradle includes a USB out plug and this can power iPhone, iPods, and other smart phones or music devices.

Here at Touratech we are very excited with the release of the new Zumo 590 and we are looking forward to using it on the trails.