The Motorcycle Camp Cookbook

A one-of-a-kind cookbook designed with motorcycle travel in mind.

This a great new book from Touratech Rally presenter, Amanda Zito. It features over 70 single-serving recipes that are easy to multiply as needed. Written and tested to prep and cook at camp. Whether you’re a seasoned motorcycle camper or a newbie looking to ditch the canned soup, this cookbook is a valuable resource.

  • Easy, Single-Serving Recipes The recipes are designed for one person, but can easily be doubled or tripled for groups. This eliminates the hassle of figuring out how much food to bring and cuts down on leftover food waste.
  • Icons for Every Recipe So you can tell at a glance if the recipe is one pot, one skillet or both.  As well as icons for quick recipes, challenge recipes, vegetarian and vegan friendly recipes.
  • No Cooler Required Most recipes can be prepared on a single-burner stove, eliminating the need for a bulky cooler. This is a major perk for motorcycle campers, who are limited on space. The few recipes that require a cooler to maintain a safe food temperature, are labeled, and only need a small lunch cooler.
  • No ‘At Home‘ Prep Required The majority of the recipes use whole food ingredients and require no prep work at home, making them ideal for spontaneous getaways. Simply grab the ingredients from the grocery store and head straight to camp.
  • Color Photos for EVERY Recipe So even if the name of the recipe seems unfamiliar, you have an idea of what you’re getting yourself into.
  • Full Educational Introduction Including information like all the different kinds of stoves, cookware, water storage and filtering, food and forest safety, substitutions, cooking oils information, cleaning up at camp, and cooler tips if you choose to carry one.

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