Install: Brake Pedal Extension for Harley-Davidson Pan America

In this video we walk you through the installation of the Touratech Steel Crash Bars for the Harley-Davidson Pan America.

While riding off road, standing on the pegs, or wearing heavy-duty boots, the rear brake pedal on the Harley Pan America can be hard to operate. This brake lever extension from Touratech increases the overal area of the stock Pan America rear brake pedal, while also making it 4mm taller for easier operation when standing. The aggressive serrations ensure you won’t lose your grip on the brake lever when you need it the most.

Versions are available for the standard Pan America, as well as the Special model Pan America. The brake pedal extension for the Pan America Special retains the original height adjustment from the factory.


Hello, and welcome to another Touratech product installation video. My name is Ian. And we are going to be installing the Touratech brake pedal extension piece.

For this bike, we have the adjustable height brake pedal, and this extension allows us to retain that factory functionality. It’s a pretty easy install, but there are a few pieces to it, so I always recommend going to the Touratech website first and downloading the product instructions. For this install, we’re going to need a 2.5 millimeter Allen wrench and some thread locker agent. So let’s grab the parts, grab the tools, head to the workbench, and start working on this part.

All right. These are all the main pieces of the Touratech brake pedal extension. You have the main component here. You have these two long hex nuts, two long M5 bolts, and two short M5 bolts. And then you have this backing plate right here. The way that I like to start installing it is to take the main piece right here, the two shorter bolts, and the two elongated nuts. Before I go any further, I put thread locking agent onto both or all four of the bolts. That way when it’s all installed, it sets up tight and they don’t rattle loose.

Once we’ve got the thread locker agent on there, which I’ve already done, I’m going to take one of the short bolts, put it through the top here, and then take one of the long nuts, and screw it onto the bolt. And then I’m just going to leave this finger tight. Now I’m going to grab the other short bolt, put it through here, and then grab the other long nut, and do the same thing. Screw it down finger tight. Now we’re going to head over to the motorcycle with all these pieces and get to work installing it.

All right. Here we are at the motorcycle. The way that I like to install this best is start with the brake pedal in the low position. Currently, this brake pedal’s in the high position. You can tell because the longer side here is at the back, so it’s adjusted to the low position by pulling out and rotating it until the long side is now forward. And we’re going to take the Touratech brake pedal extender and turn it so the long side is also forward, and then slide it up and jiggle it back and forth until it fits into the piece. Now that you’ve got that in place, you’re going to take this backing plate, rotate it so it follows the profile, and then put it in nose first so that that locking tab right there engages. And once you’ve done that, you can take the remaining… I’m using the long bolts, but you take the remaining bolts, drop them through the holes, and then thread them down into those elongated nuts.

Now grab your 2.5 millimeter Allen wrench and screw those down. At this point, you’ll notice that you don’t have to hold those long nuts because the spacing is exactly right so that the flat side of the nuts engages with the factory brake pedal. So we’ll just tighten these up lightly. They really do not take much torque. That’s what the thread locker’s for. Now that these two are tight, we’re going to adjust the brake pedal to the high position and tighten up those remaining two bolts.

All right. The installation of the brake pedal extension is complete. Now we’ve got a nice big foot bed to confidently hit that brake pedal, whether you’re on road or off road with the adjustable heights. If you have any questions about products we make for the Pan America or any other adventure bike, please visit our website to Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. And as always, thank you for watching and enjoy the ride.