Installation: Touratech ABS Sensor Guard for KTM ADV Motorcycles

Protect your KTM’s vulnerable ABS sensor from rock and debris damage with this simple, easy to install guard from Touratech. The rear ABS sensor is a vital part of your KTM’s braking system. If it is damaged during a trip, repair or replacement is costly and time-consuming. Save yourself time, money and heartache with this small, but effective guard.


Hey guys, Ian here with Touratech USA, and this is just a quick introduction and installation video for the Touratech Rear ABS Sensor Guard that fits on the KTM 790, 890, 390 and a bunch of the other KTM models. This is a really small part that can absolutely make or break a ride. The rear wheel speed sensor is what your bike uses to track the speed of the rear wheel, but it uses that for traction control, it uses it for antilock brakes, and it uses it for a lot of the ride modes. If that sensor becomes damaged, you’re going to have a really bummer of a ride because you’ve got this nice electronic motorcycle and none of the electronics are going to work on it. So this is a quick and easy part that installs to cover that sensor and protect it from hits, from sticks or stones, or crash damage along the way.

So I’m going to get the camera set down here and we’ll get to the installation. So this is the abs sensor in question. You can see it’s got a wire that’s exposed and then the sensor itself here is just hard plastic. And what we’re going to do is install this protector right here that covers up that hard plastic so that it won’t get hit if you crash the bike or ride it through a bunch of sticks or rocks.

You’re going to need two tools to do this installation. The first one is a Torx T30 wrench. You’re going to use that to remove the bolt that holds the abs sensor guard in place. Now that you have that bolt out of the way, you’re going to take the abs sensor guard and you’re going to orient it like this. So the bolt hole is in the back and then the cutout in the top is where the wire comes up. Grab the bolt for it, put a little bit of blue thread locker on it, insert it through the part, and then take the spacer that comes with it, put the spacer over the bolt, and then put the bolt in the hole.

Now we’re going to use a four millimeter Allen drive tool to tighten this bolt up. It does not have to be very tight at all. So be very careful because that threads into your caliber holder bracket and you don’t want to strip that out.

Before I put the final tension on it, I like to just clock this bracket so that the wire has plenty of room. It’s not going to rub on anything.

Now I’m just going to give it a quick little bit here and tighten it up. Perfect. That installation is done.

All right. This is what the abs sensor guard looks like once it’s installed. It’s a nice looking piece on the bike. It’s made out of stainless steel and it’ll do a great job protecting that rear wheel speed sensor, no matter what kind of adventures we get ourselves into. If you want to see more products we make for your motorcycle, please visit our website And if you’d like to see more videos like this, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.

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