Installation: Touratech Rear Brake Master Cylinder Guard KTM 790/890 Adventure/R

This video walks you through installing the Master Brake Cylinder Guard for your KTM 790/890 Adventure/R.

The rear brake cylinder is exposed and unprotected on the KTM 790/890 Adventure, protect it with this guard from Touratech. Brake fluid is the life-blood of your motorcycle’s braking system. Without it, nothing happens when you push on the brake lever coming into that hard right-hand corner. Being so exposed on the KTM 790/890 Adventure, it is far too easy to tamper with or damage while riding.

This easy to install guard from Touratech will keep your rear brake fluid reservoir safe from damage or curious hands, making sure your rear brake pedal is there when you need it.


Hello Ian, with Touratech USA and this is a quick introduction and installation video of the rear brake master cylinder guard that we make for the KTM 790 and KTM 890 Adventure and Adventure/R. The rear brake’s master cylinder on this bike is out in the breeze out here above the foot peg. It has a protector that’s plastic stock, and it actually works pretty well, but it leaves the fluid fill line exposed at the back right here and it just doesn’t look very fancy. So we’re going to replace it on this bike with the Touratech version. This is made out of aluminum. It’s laser cut and bent, and it’s a pretty quick and easy install, two bolts, and you only need one tool to do it. That’s Torx T-30 Wrench. So let’s get to work here.

All right, the first step to install, this is to remove the factory part. So it’s got two screws right here. You can use a Torx T-30 or an eight millimeter socket. I’m just going to use a Torx T-30 because that’s what is used to replace the product with the Touratech part. So just remove these two bolts first. Now to install the part, you do it in the exact opposite order. So I like to put some red Loctite on these bolts. This is holding on the rear brake master cylinder, so we want to make sure that doesn’t come off. Put the bolts through the Touratech part, take the spacer, one for each bolt, and then just screw back on. Same thing with the second bolt. Take the spacer behind the part, thread the screw in. Now these are both M6 bolts and they’ve got a bunch of thread locker on them, so we don’t need to go very tight with it, just about five, six full pounds. All right, installation is done.

This is a nice piece. It great on the motorcycle and it offers just a little bit more protection, especially back in this area for the brake fluid line. If you’d like to see any more products we make for the KTM Adventure motorcycles, please visit our website, And if you want to see more videos like this, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.

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