At this year’s West Coast Touratech Rally we welcomed the Dork in the Road. You might have seen his adventure riding videos on youtube. He did a popular presentation at the event and is posting video’s following his experiences at the rally. This is part four:

The fourth and final day of the 2021 Touratech Rally in Plain, Washington was the most important for me because it was the day I was scheduled to give my presentation. But first, we headed over to the Triumph of America tent to take the 2022 Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro for a test ride. We had an amazing time putting the Tiger 900 Rally Pro through its paces on an awesome offroad track through the wilderness near Plain, WA. Afterward, I ran through my presentation a few times and then headed over to the video tent to give my Touratech Rally 2021 presentation entitled: Adventure is For Everyone.

Thank you so much to the crowd that came out to watch me give my presentation. Afterward, I was able to give out some awesome gear from Giant Loop to those who came to watch! Following my presentation, we headed back to the video tent to watch the Backcountry Discovery Route presentation covering all 11 awesome Backcountry Discovery Routes. Probably the most common question they get is “When is the Oregon BDR coming?” and our pal Nathan did a great job answering the Oregon BDR question diplomatically and without giving away too much information, but he did say enough to make us hopeful that we might see an official Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route very, very soon…

Following the presentations, we checked out the Touratech Rally slow race and raffle drawings, before heading back to our sleeping bags for the night. The following day, there was nothing left to do but say goodbye to the 2021 Touratech Rally west, pack up, and drive home! Thank you so much to Touratech and to Matt specifically for inviting me to be a part of this year’s amazing Touratech Rally West 2021!