Software Update for Garmin Zumo XT

The Garmin Zumo series of the GPS units has been the industry leader for motorcycle GPS units for almost two decades. When Garmin released the Zumo XT in 2020 it really raised the bar for what a motorcycle GPS should be. Featuring a massive high resolution 5.5” screen, new levels of smartphone integration, and the ability to have topographic maps overlaid on full feature road maps it was a huge improvement over its predecessor. It did however share the same weakness that some earlier Garmin Zumo series GPS units had. There wasn’t a way to have “Saved” locations (also know as waypoints on traditional outdoor GPS units) shown on the map unless navigating to them.
In early June 2021 Garmin released an update that has addressed this issue. Now your “Saved” locations will have an icon shown on the map screen of your Garmin Zumo XT while navigating. This means when you load a Backcountry Discovery Route into the unit you’ll be able to not only see the tracks, but also all of the waypoints (often including gas stops, camp sites, and other points of interest).
If you have a Garmin Zumo XT make sure it’s software is up to date, and if you need a new GPS now is a great time to pick up a Zumo XT!
-Eric Archambault