Tool Box for F850GS Crash Bars

The Touratech toolbox is the ideal solution for the safe storage of small items on your BMW F850GS. This optimal utilization of space allows tools, first-aid kit, breakdown kit, and many other useful items to remain on the motorcycle permanently and without interfering. They are always readily accessible with the cases on or off the bike.

The approximately 3.5 liter storage space is protected against road grime and has a large opening to make loading and unloading easy. The lid can be removed completely for even easier loading, a safety mechanism prevents loss of the lid entirely.

The toolbox was developed specifically for the original BMW lower crash bars and matches the GS in both materials and design. Made of impact-resistant ABS it is a light weight low center of gravity solution.

NOTE: Only mounts to original BMW lower crash bars for the F850 & F750GS. Fits with Touratech Expedition Skid Plate. DOES NOT fit with Touratech RaylleForm Skid Plate or BMW Enduro Skid Plate.

Touratech USA