The Touratech Aventuro Traveller is Almost Here

The Aventuro Traveller will be ready to ship Winter 2020. Available in two different shell types, Multi-Fiber & Full Carbon Fiber each in XS – 3XL.


The Aventuro Traveller is an innovative modular helmet designed specifically for the demands of adventure riding. You’ll love that it’s lightweight, features huge airflow, and is quiet even at speed. It’s a true modular which allows you to open the chin bar for easy communication at the gas station or hatching a plan with your riding buddies.

When the ride gets rowdy or the weather warm, you will love the massive airflow that distributes air around your head to keep you cool and comfortable. A helmet’s job is to keep you protected, but a side effect of this protection is often excessive heat for the rider. The Aventuro Traveller solves this problem with a peak design that passes airflow into the oversized vent on your forehead distributing cooling air around your head for comfort in demanding terrain or hot weather. In fact, the flow is so great that the helmet comes with a ‘low-flow’ flap that you can close to reduce airflow for riding in cooler weather.

Further airflow cools the rider’s face by entering through the large chin vent. The glove-friendly vents are easy to open and close while riding.

The Aventuro Traveller is lighter than its predecessor and most other modular helmets on the market. The carbon version is a half-pound lighter than the previous model and the multifiber version is a third-of-a-pound lighter. You’ll notice reduced neck strain and improved comfort for long days in the saddle.

An innovative double seal keeps rain and dust out while reducing sound levels for a comfortable ride. The double seal is crafted from soft rubber which lines the shield closure surface as well as the chin-bar closure area. This gives you better protection from the elements and also reduces wind noise for a more peaceful and enjoyable ride.

You’ll enjoy big vistas with the large range of peripheral vision courtesy of the wide opening. The field of view is excellent, providing more information, whether you are riding in the city or enjoying the wide-open road. An integrated sun visor flips down with a glove friendly control providing you with sun protection when needed.

The shield stays open in 4 positions with strong detents. The lowest opening is designated as the anti-fog mode. Additional anti-fog capabilities come courtesy of the Pinlock insert that can be
installed for riding in wet situations. Grip tabs located on both sides of the shield allow easy opening with either hand.

A gravity-defying chin bar stays in the up position until you pull down to close it. No surprise closings at inopportune moments like some other modular helmets. Designed with easy access to the opening mechanism allowing routine cleaning and maintenance for smooth and consistent operation.

Quick-Ratchet buckle with stainless steel mechanism resists corrosion providing quick closure of the chin strap and reliable performance for years.

Stay dry with a cool-max liner that wicks moisture away and provides a soft feel for rider comfort. The neck roll and cheek pads are in one integrated piece for easy removal and cleaning.

The helmet is set up to accommodate most clamp-on style communication systems including SENA, Scala Rider and more. It comes with cavities for speakers and a microphone and easy routing paths for wires making communication installation a snap.

The ‘no-grab’ peak design cuts through the wind nicely minimizing neck strain keeping you comfortable and it comes with an optional extension to block more sun if desired.

The helmet comes with a removable camera mount on top of the helmet so you can share your adventure with friends.

The Aventuro Traveller is available in 3 graphics styles for the carbon fiber version and 2 solid colors for the multifiber version.

Meets the safety standards of a full-face helmet while providing the convenience of a modular.



  • Peak & vents work together to maximize cooling airflow around head
  • Large closeable chin vent for cooling rider’s face
  • Easy-open & easy-close, glove-friendly vent controls
  • Lightweight design for reduced neck strain and all-day comfort
  • ‘No-grab’ peak design cuts through wind cleanly
  • Anti-gravity chin bar stays up with no surprise closures
  • Double seals keep rain and dust out while reducing sound levels
  • Wide field of vision to take in sights and boost safety
  • Eyeglasses friendly, with opening large enough for goggles
  • Quick-ratchet chin strap for easy action and smooth operation with stainless steel internals
  • COOLMAX liners for moisture wicking dry comfort
  • One-piece liner & neck-roll for easy removal for cleaning
  • Internal sun shade that flips down
  • Includes Pinlock shield and insert to minimize fogging
  • Intercom system ready, with speaker cavities, wire routing paths, and place to clamp on unit
  • Camera mount for top included
  • Made in Portugal