Adventure Trio: Keep the Kids Involved


By Sandy Borden

As a rider, planning and packing for a 2-wheel escape is easy.  Whenever there’s the chance to carve out even just 24 hours, you’re packed and outta there before you’ve even figured out where you’re going to land.  How awesome would it be to be able to share one of your overnight adventures with your young pillion?  You want to pack them up for a camping trip, and they want to stay home and play with Barbie’s or fire trucks.  How do you get them to want “in” on your adventure?  Make them a part of it.


When you bring your kiddo in on the travel planning instead of telling them where you’re going and what you’ll be doing, they now become part of the adventure.  Ask them where THEY want to go.  Can’t decide?  Maybe suggest a ride out to the beach or the forest for a “No Girls Allowed” camp trip.  What one special toy from home do they want to take on their voyage?  Bring along a special little “treasure” bag to hold the shells or rocks they may find on their big adventure.  Have them help collect wood for a fire and break out your “surprise” stash of s’mores fixins’.  Teach them to whittle their own marshmallow stick and trust them enough to try it on their own.  When Jack was 8, he taught himself how to make a torch out of a long stick, tree sap and toilet paper.  That sucker burned for 20 minutes!  Kids dig lighting things on fire.

It really isn’t hard to get our kiddos on board, but sometimes it is a bit tricky to figure out how.  Once you find your groove, it’s amazing how easily everything else falls into place.  Remember, keep it simple and enjoy the moment.  Cheers.