Tuesday Tips with Quinn Cody: Turning on a Steep Hill

Four-time Baja 1000 champion and Dakar Rally racer, Quinn Cody, offers some advice on riding adventure motorcycles, off-road.

In this episode of ‘Tuesday Tips,’ aboard his Touratech equipped KTM 1190 Adventure, Quinn shows the proper way to turn your motorcycle around on a steep hill.



Well, I’m not quite sure how this is gonna work out for me, so I’m just gonna slowly try to get my back-end lower than my front end so I don’t low-side this thing.


I’m just gonna scoot my weight backwards a little bit. I’m in a little bit of a precarious position because it’s steep on this side.


I keep my fingers on the clutch just at the engagement point, so I can let it roll a little and then let it out, so it kind of acts like a brake. I just slowly let it do that.


I’m doing the same with my front brake, just barely dragging it. I’m counter-steering it with my front tire to get it to where I’m kinda more straight down the hill.


And then as I get to this last little bit, I’m gonna go ahead and pick up a little speed and let the front-end swing around.


And now I’m facing down and out of here.