Touratech’s Essential Accessories – KTM 1190 Adventure

When the new KTM 1190 Adventure R arrived at Touratech-USA, our team was eager to install some important protective parts including the new Expedition Skid Plate and Quick-Release Headlight Guard. We also equipped the KTM with a set of Zega Pro panniers, a Zega Pro Topcase, Expandable Touring Tankbag, Large Sidestand Foot and a GPS Mounting Bracket.

Full Video Transcription:  

Paul from Touratech-USA here. We’re out testing the new KTM 1190 motorcycle, and I’m going to show you some of our favorite accessories for this bike. This is the Touratech Headlight Guard for the KTM 1190 motorcycle. It’s made out of laser-cut stainless steel and it’s got an accent that’s available in both orange or black, if you like that. You can quickly remove [the guard] and clean off that headlight. Keep it clean, so you have the light coming out and then you just reinstall it. It’s got this little pin that goes into the rubber housing and away you go.

Touratech Hand Guards are great upgrade for this motorcycle.They keep your hands warm and dry. They also keep the rocks from hitting you in the knuckle when you’re following your buddies on fast, logging roads. They’re made out of plastic, so if the bike goes down, they’ll deflect, absorb some of the impact and then bounce back. We don’t build these with metal in them, because when the metal gets bent into the levers it stays that way. These bounce back and allow you to continue on your journey.

This is the Touratech GPS Bracket Adapter. This supports your GPS mount from the gauge cluster. It is available in both black or orange, and it’s an ideal place to mount the GPS. It keeps it just above the gauges in perfect view.

Touratech makes an Upper Crash Bar for the KTM 1190. This is the lower crash bar which is a stock KTM part. The upper part here is Touratech. It’s made out of stainless steel. It attaches in several places. It’s connected across the front of the motorcycle, so it makes a nice roll cage around the top of the bike. It guards the radiators that are in there and also, gives you great place to mount lights and accessory bags and other things you want to bring with you.

One of my favorite parts on this bike is the Touratech Works Footpegs. These are made out of stainless steel. They’re a very narrow profile. They’re tapered on the end to preserve your lean angle and they’re also made to clear mud. There’s not very much in the middle, so it allows the mud and debris to fall through, and they’re just the right size. They’re oversize, but not huge. These are just simple, straightforward, and just the right size to give you a good control of the bike.

Out here in the forest, the ground is very soft and this is a pretty heavy motorcycle, so when you go to put it on the side stand, it’s going to want to post hole into the ground and the bike can tip over. So Touratech makes an oversized side stand foot. It gives you more surface area, provides a nice firm footing. Ours is designed with this collar system that keeps it from rotating around and moving on there. It’s nice and solid and it’ll keep the bike from tipping over, when you’re in soft ground or off-road.

This is the Touratech Expedition Skid Plate. This is cutting edge technology for skid plates. This is the first time a manufacturer has put three different materials on the skid plate. The foundation of this is a stainless steel plate that mounts to the motor in several locations. It spreads out the load. From there, we have a heavy-duty 4mm aluminum shell that’s corrugated in the middle, so it’s very stiff, and that is capped with nylon reinforced sliders that protects the bolt heads. It also gives you a nice sliding surface to get over obstacles and it absorbs impact, and there’s also some rubber spacers that absorb impact between the stainless and the aluminum. This is really good protection for this big motorcycle.

Making your adventure motorcycle fit you is a really important detail. The Touratech Bar Risers bring the bars up about an inch. It relieves strain on your shoulders. It also makes it a lot easier to just stand up and keep good control of motorcycle off-road. It’s inexpensive and it’s a great upgrade.

This is the Touratech High-End Tank Bag for the KTM 1190. It’s got a quick zipper that opens up. There’s a giant cargo area. You can put a warm jacket in here. I sometimes carry a DSLR camera, tire gauges, accessories, pens, pencils, things like that. It’s just the ultimate in convenience when you are out on the road. You can keep all your essential items right in there, easy to access. It’s also got an expansion zipper on this side, so we can expand it and it comes up in height giving you about 60% more capacity. When you’re at the filling station, it’s got great place to stash your gloves, so they are not falling on the ground. It’s available in different colors. This one’s got the KTM orange on it. It’s also available in gray or black trim colors. It’s got a removable map case that you can take with you into the restaurant to plan your route, change your map, then you just come out and quickly attach it. It’s got a quick-release Velcro system where it can detach from the motorcycle to fill gas. It’s got quick-release snaps up front so you can take it into the restaurant or into your hotel at night. It’s just a great accessory, and is very convenient.

This is the Touratech Extended Brake Pedal tip. This has quickly become one of my favorite accessories on this bike. This is a heavy motorcycle and when you’re riding, you’re steering with your feet, and often times your boots are further out on the pegs. Having a pedal that’s out there where you can easily access it is a great option. It’s also adjustable with a few different settings. You can move forward or aft, and it’s also predrilled here for a safety cable or brake snake, so that the lever can’t get bent the wrong direction.

This is the Touratech Zega Pro Pannier System, and it’s a great upgrade for the KTM 1190.Zega Pros give you storage capacity to go on any adventure that you can dream. It’s waterproof, dust proof, the lid can detach and come off. You can use it as a tool tray when you’re working on the bike. They’re made of aluminum and are available in three different colors: Bare Aluminum, Silver Anodized or Black Anodized finish. The boxes are available in three different sizes: 31 liter, 38 liter, and 45. These also have an accessory family that goes with them. So you can put fuel bottles or any accessories on the back of bike. Extra gas for the motorcycle, water, cook stove fuel, things like that.

This is the Zega Pro Top Case System. They’re available in two sizes. This is the 25 liter size. It’s also available in a 38 liter size. They provide secure, dry, completely waterproof, dust proof storage. It’s got a nice hinging lid. The latch is made of laser cut stainless and it can quickly come off of the bike, just like that, and then you have a nice luggage rack on there. Then when you want to add the top case, it snaps on, just like that.

This is a 1200cc, 148 hp motorcycle with the chain drive system. So it’s very important to keep rocks, sticks, foreign debris out of this drivetrain. Touratech has created a stainless steel and aluminum chain guard that’ll deflect and keep things out of this drive train. You can see from the mud caked on that we’ve been out riding in the woods and this has already done a good job keeping some of the dirt and rocks out of this drive train. We also have this little chain guard down low here. This also protects the bottom of the sprocket and the chain and keeps things from sneaking in here and causing a jam or a failure in your drive system.

The Touratech Fender Riser Kit is a great idea for this motorcycle. I have been on trips in the back country where we got so much mud caked on the tire, guys that didn’t have the Fender Riser Kit had to remove the whole fender to get out of the woods. It’s just a little part that you can’t even see right here, but it raises the fender up to give you more mud clearance to make sure that you do not get stuck in the mud.

Sometimes, you see a road and you want to know where it goes, and once you get into that road it’s overgrown and brushy. It’s great to be able to just fold your mirrrors out of the way and keep going. Touratech folding mirrors for the KTM 1190 Adventure are an excellent accessory for any adventure rider.

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NOTE: Touratech’s Upper Crash Bars for the new KTM 1190 Adventure are currently being developed in Germany, and should be available in the United Starts sometime in the early part of 2014.

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