Touratech Unveils KTM 1190 Accessories

With the U.S. release of KTM’s new 1190 Adventure motorcycle just weeks away, Touratech has announced a line of adventure touring accessories designed specifically for KTM’s new adventure bike. Touratech accessories for the KTM 1190 Adventure include their tried-and-true Zega Pro panniers, Expedition skid plate, quick-release stainless steel headlight guard, as well as ergonomic upgrades and luggage options. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or the trip of a lifetime, be sure your new KTM is ready for the adventure.

Here are a few highlights from Touratech’s product line for the KTM 1190 Adventure/R:


Zega Pro Pannier System: $1,300 – $1,503

The Touratech Zega Pro pannier system is the ultimate luggage solution for the KTM 1190 Adventure. Zega Pro panniers have provided secure and dry storage for adventure riders the world over. The aluminum body and removable lid feature rugged corner protection, as well as low-profile loops that provide a flat surface to secure additional dry bags. Crafted with 1.5mm aluminum and stainless steel rivet construction, Touratech’s Zega Pro panniers are available in 31, 38, and 45 liter sizes and three different finishes: bare aluminum, anodized silver and anodized black.

Expedition Skid Plate:  $375

Touratech’s Expedition Skid Plate offers an ultra-strong stainless steel sub-mount, 4mm thick aluminum construction with corrugated channels for extra strength, replaceable polyamide nylon sliders, low-profile design, and complete coverage of the engine. The heavy gauge stainless steel mounting plate adds strength and supports the oversized 4mm contoured aluminum skid plate.  This armor is finished with polyamide nylon rails that absorb impact, protect bolt heads and provide a sliding surface for overcoming obstacles.

Quick-Release Stainless Steel Headlight Guard: $131

Don’t let the lights go out on your adventure!  Touratech’s stainless steel guard with quick-release mount allows you to easily keep the headlight on your KTM 1190 Adventure clean and free from damage. Touratech’s Quick-Release Stainless Steel Headlight Guard is available in black and KTM Orange.

Touratech Large Sidestand Foot: $41

Touratech’s Large Sidestand Foot stabilizes the KTM 1190 Adventure  when parked in grass, gravel, mud or forest soil. The increased surface area of the Touratech Sidestand Foot dramatically improves the stability of the KTM 1190 Adventure, making off-the-beaten-path parking much easier.

Touratech 25mm Bar Risers: $74

Riders can customize the fit of their KTM 1190 Adventure with a set of Touratech bar risers. When the bike fits the rider, long trips are more enjoyable. Touratech bar risers for the 1190 Adventure increase bar height 25mm (1″).  

Rear Brake Pedal Extension: $41

With bulky off-road riding boots, the original rear brake pedal on the KTM 1190 Adventure can sometimes be easy to miss when you need it the most.  This extension from Touratech makes it easier to apply the KTM’s rear brake whether you are sitting or standing. A taller version of the brake extension is also available for those who find the brake pedal too low. 

GPS Mounting Bracket: $82

Mount your GPS securely in the ideal location above your KTM 1190 Adventure’s gauges with this GPS mounting adapter from Touratech.  The bracket provides a 12mm (1/2″) cross bar above your gauges, the perfect location for your GPS screen.  Touratech’s GPS Mounting Bracket is available in black and KTM Orange.

Zega Pro Topcase System: $653 – $767

The Zega Pro Topcase is a great option for quick and secure storage for commuting or touring on your new KTM 1190 Adventure. With its Rapid-Trap quick release system, you’ll be on the road in seconds and have plenty of capacity for your luggage. Add an optional key lock for maximum security.  Touratech’s Zega Pro Topcase systems are available in raw aluminum, anodized black, or anodized silver finishes and in both 25 and 38 liter sizes.

Click HERE to see Touratech’s complete line of accessories for the KTM 1190 Adventure: