Essential Accessories – Yamaha Super Tenere XT1200Z

Having just returned from a ten day off-road expedition across the state of Colorado, Touratech-USA’s General Manager, Paul Guillien, reviews the ten essential Touratech accessories for the Yamaha Super Ténéré  XT1200Z. These are parts Paul feels are necessary for anyone interested in riding their Super Tenere off-road, or on an extended adventure touring trip.

Touratech has designed a wide selection of parts for the Super Ténéré, to include luggage solutions, protection and guards, lights, ergonomics, navigation, and many other accessories.

Featured below are Paul’s ten essential accessories for the Super Ténéré  XT1200Z:

#10 – Garmin Montana GPS & Touratech Locking Mount

The Garmin Montana GPS has proven itself to be one of the most rugged and capable GPS units on the market for dual-sport and adventure motorcycle riders. With its large 4″ touch-screen display, ruggedized case, and high sensitivity receiver, the Montana is the perfect choice, and Touratech makes it easy to set-up on your bike with this GPS and mount kit.

#9 – Adjustable Windscreen with GPS Mount

With the success of the Touratech Desierto fairings for the BMW GS motorcycles, Touratech decided to apply the same technology to the Yamaha Super Ténéré. This windscreen adjustment bracket for the Super Ténéré gives you infinite height and angle adjustment for the stock Yamaha windscreen. As an added bonus, this bracket even includes a GPS mounting bar to locate your Touratech GPS mount over the motorcycle’s gauges in the line-of-sight.

#8 – Touratech Auxiliary Xenon HID Light

These auxiliary lights from Touratech offer considerable improvements in visibility and safety to the Super Ténéré . Thanks to the high-tech lamps from Hella, your path is much better illuminated at night and in foul-weather conditions. During the day, the intense light pattern makes you and your motorcycle much more visible to other motorists. The fog light ensures significantly better close range visibility in foggy and rainy conditions, while the Xenon (HID) light, which operates in combination with the high beam headlight, provides far brighter illumination down the road. These auxiliary headlights are available separately, but work perfectly together as a pair.

#7 – Side Stand Foot

Wet grass, soft asphalt, deep gravel – often there is no solid ground available where you park your motorcycle! The original side stand easily sinks into soft surfaces, but the Touratech larger sidestand foot provides a simple and effective way to keep your bike upright in any conditions.

#6 – Quick Release Headlight Guard

Protect your headlight from rocks kicked up by cars, or other bikes. With the TOURATECH Headlight Guard for the Yamaha Super Ténéré  XT1200Z, you’ll never worry about an expensive, cracked headlight.

Continuous steel mesh, laser-cut from stainless steel sheet, securely protects your headlight. The headlight guard is held firmly in place with steel structure specifically fitted to the Yamaha Super Ténéré  XT1200Z.

#5 – Touratech Expandable Tank Bag

The designers at Touratech have pulled out all the stops in developing this Super Ténéré  specific tank bag, which combines a whole range of features. Expandability, waterproof zippers, triple-partitioned outer pocket with two-way zipper, organizer in the lid with document pocket, a removable credit card pocket, backpack function with included shoulder straps, large map pocket, and reflective trim are just some of the great features this tank-bag offers. Made of water-resistant teflon-coated cordura, this bag will hold up for years to come on your Super Tenere.

#4 – Passenger Seat Luggage Rack

This luggage rack from Touratech installs in place of the passenger seat, creating the perfect platform for strapping down dry bags or other luggage to your Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere. By adding a platform close to the rider, you are able to keep the weight closer to the rider and thus balancing the bike better with a full load. Pair this passenger seat rack with our tail rack, and have a continuous flat surface to tie luggage down to.

#3 – Zega Pro Pannier System

The clear choice for luggage on your Yamaha Super Ténéré  XT1200Z is the Zega Pro pannier system from Touratech. With countless miles of on and off-road touring and testing under their belts, the desgners and engineers at Touratech have created the most robust, functional and attractive motorcycle luggage system on the market.

Touratech Zega Pro panniers have provided secure dry storage for adventure riders the world over. The body and removable lid feature rounded lines with rugged corner protection that is easily replaceable. Low profile anchor loops provide a flat surface that makes the pannier a good seat at the campfire. Crafted with 1.5mm aluminum and welded/stainless steel rivet construction these sturdy panniers are available in 31, 38 and 45 liter sizes.

#2 – Touratech Crash Bars

Precision made of electro-polished or black epoxy coated stainless steel, these Super Ténéré  crash bars from Touratech will protect your vulnerable tank and fairing pieces wherever your adventure takes you.
The plastic fairing pieces are very easy to damage, even in minor falls and drops in the parking lot. These crash bars for the Yamaha Super Ténéré  XT1200Z are extremely strong and can protect your plastics and tank, saving you a lot of money in the long run and keeping your bike running during that long off-road tour.

#1 – Aluminum Skid Plate

The engineers at Touratech have incorporated all the experience gained at countless rally races and enduros in the design of this extremely tough skid plate for the Yamaha Super Ténéré  XT1200Z.

This engine guard was designed to evenly distribute any impacts or load over the entire engine block of the Yamaha. The angled front makes it much easier to slide over rocks, roots, or stumps.

The base plate of the engine guard is made of 3 mm thick aluminum sheet, reinforced by 2 mm stainless steel sheet. The stainless rivets create a visually appealing, sturdy and highly resistant connection of the aluminum and stainless plates.

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