‘Moto Americana: Deserts’ – Exclusive Web Series

On August 16th, 2012 Touratech-USA will launch an exclusive web TV series called ‘Moto Americana: Deserts.’ 

About the Series:

Motorcyclists and documentary filmmakers Joe Lloyd, Flora Lloyd, and Andre Corpuz venture out to explore the unpaved roads of the United States. Joined by a team of adventure riders including Bob Berglund, Rob Watt and Whitney Koeberle, this 1,200-mile journey takes them through the four deserts of Southern California: Death Valley, Mojave, Joshua Tree, and Anza-Borrego.

Along the way, the team discovers the uniqueness of California’s southern landscapes, from dusty desert floors to wind-swept rocky mountain passes. As the team travels around the country, they encounter fellow adventurers who help them explore new areas, learn about the local history and culture and reveal some true “Americana.”

“Touratech’s leadership in the adventure riding industry goes way beyond their product range. Their support of world travelers, motorcycle events, and film projects really sets the bar for aftermarket companies.   With the support of Touratech, we can now share 18 episodes of Moto Americana: “Deserts” with the riding community for free.”

Joe Lloyd, Producer, Curbsyde Productions

‘Moto Americana: Deserts’ is an exclusive web series available on Touratech-USA’s YouTube channel.

Stay tuned for the first episode!