GlobeRiders “Tips From The Road” – Laundry on the Road

When he is on the road for months at a time, Helge Pedersen does his own laundry. Even if he is staying in a fancy hotel, he washes his own underwear, socks and t-shirts daily. In this GlobeRiders Tips from the Road video, Helge shares his simple laundry routine, with ideas that you can use on your next long distance adventure.

– Not every sink in the world comes with a drain plug. Get a sink stopper.

– Carry a bottle of soap, some laundry detergent or use shampoo from the hotel.

– Wash your clothing and let it soak in the sink while you take a shower.

– After rinsing and wringing it out on your own, use the towel-technique demonstrated in the video to get you laundry ‘almost dry’ before hanging it up to dry overnight.

I’m sweating most of the time on these tours and I think it could be a good way to tell you how we do laundry while on the GlobeRiders tours, like here in Namibia. Hot, it’s probably like 98 degrees outside.

The first thing I would do when I come in, I will take off my t-shirt, I will take off my socks and I will take off my underwear. Go right to the wash, use my sink stopper, use some shampoo or I have some Campmor with me or dry powder. Take all of the underwear, socks and t-shirts everyday, throw it in there, wash it and let it soak there. I go back and I rinse a couple of times.

Then I will take the wonderful towel that they always provide, and I will lay out all my clothes inside this towel on the bed and the point is that I’mm going to wring everything out in this towel and then it will be much drier and then I hang it up overnight and its ready to go the next day.

And then I start twisting this. Of course, the stronger you are and the more you can press this, but hey, we are in Namibia in Africa. It’s hot. I don’t think it’s a big deal if it doesn’t get one hundred percent dry but already now I can feel it. It’s much drier. Normally it will drip when I hang it up. This is not going to drip. I’m just going to find a nice place here in the room and hang them up and in the morning everything is going to be dry.

So that is a wrap for this little tip from the road from GlobeRiders in Namibia. Thank you.

Helge Pedersen, GlobeRiders

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