Now Available: Top 1 Oil

Touratech-USA is proud to announce the addition of Top 1 Oil to our inventory. Thanks to our favorite American rally racer, Jonah Street, we are now a source for Top 1 Oil’s EVOLUTION MOTO 15w50, a high performance oil specifically formulated to meet the demand of small displacement, high rpm, fuel-efficient engines.

EVOLUTION MOTO is 100% synthetic oil with special additives that protects against high temperature oxidation, wear, and viscosity breakdown. It is fortified with detergent-dispersants and rust and corrosion inhibitors to keep engines exceptionally clean and free of sludge, varnish, and rust.

Top 1 Oil’s EVOLUTION MOTO exceeds API Service Classification SL and is especially recommended for small, high rpm engines. EVOLUTION MOTO is available in one-liter bottles for $15.88

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