Guest Blog – Neduro to Dakar #5

January 8th, 2012: Rest Day

"While I’m certainly glad I got a lot of rest and had a day off it is definitely strange to have a day in the middle of this event where I don’t ride my bike. I am in such a schedule of eating, dressing, riding, eating, sleeping, etc. that having a day where I just throw out the biggest activity of my day and replace it with "resting" threw me a little. The biggest thing that affects me, I think, is that when I’m riding, I’m perfectly fine – I know that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing and I’m having fun. But when I’m not riding, I’m sort of dreading getting back on the bike. It’s definitely threw me out of my rhythm."

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January 9th, 2012: Dakar Stage 8

"You know, the pit crew and I have a really nice vibe, it’s pretty funny. Ted is great fun, Robb is a lot of fun and so is Tim. Ted has done everything he can do to try to help me out. Even though he’s not required to or anything he always gets up with me in the morning, he cleans the bike before Tim works on it sometimes and he eats with me, etc. Those things are not only helpful but they reinforce the fact that he’s pulling for me however he can and that’s awesome. Tim (Tim Morton from Baja Bound Adventures) is a great mechanic and I don’t have to second guess anything which is nice. Robb (Robb McElroy from Rally Pan Am) keeps the wheels on the wagon, quite literally. He’s the guy that’s driving the schedule and make sure people are where they need to be when they need to be. He’s been through this a lot and has the experience."

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